Word family noun move movement removal remover mover adjective movable unmoved moving verb move remove adverb movingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmovementmove‧ment /ˈmuːvmənt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 people working together [countable]PPGGroup of PEOPLE a group of people who share the same ideas or beliefs and who work together to achieve a particular aimcivil rights/feminist/peace etc movement the civil rights movement of the 1960smovement to do something Mendes led a movement to stop destruction of the rain forest.movement for the movement for independence2 position/place [countable, uncountable]move/change position a) when someone or something changes position or moves from one place to another the dancer’s graceful movementsmovement of A slight movement of the curtains showed where she was hiding. the movement of goods across the border He motioned to the door with a movement of his head. b) a planned change in the position of a group of soldiers reports of troop movements in the area3 change/development [uncountable]PROGRESS a gradual change or development in a situation or in people’s attitudes or opinions There’s been no movement in the peace talks since Thursday.movement towards/away from a movement towards equality with men in the workplace4 somebody’s movements5 music [countable]APM one of the main parts into which a piece of music is divided, especially a symphony6 clock/watch [countable usually singular]DT the moving parts of a piece of machinery, especially a clock or watch7 body waste [countable] formalHBH when you get rid of waste matter from your bowelsCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2a: verbsmake a movementHe made a small movement with his head, to indicate the door.control somebody's/something's movementSome people have trouble controlling their hand movements.restrict/hinder somebody's movement (=make movement more difficult)Clothes should not be so tight that they restrict your movement.adjectivesa big movementHe made a big sweeping movement with his arm.a small/little movementShe made a restless little movement.a slight movement (=small)His eye caught a slight movement behind the bushes.a quick/sudden movementDon't make any quick movements that might scare the dog.a slow movementthe slow movements of the old manan easy movement (=without effort)She swung her legs off the bed in one easy movement.a smooth movement (=graceful)Tom leaped over the fence in one smooth movement.a jerky movement (=with many starts and stops)the jerky movements of a frightened horsea rhythmic movement (=with a strong rhythm)When giving a massage, use firm rhythmic movements.a forward/backward movementwaves caused by the forward movement of the boatphrasesfreedom of movement (=when people can go wherever they want)The automobile gave people a freedom of movement previously unknown.ease of movement (=when someone or something can move easily)Cyclists wear tight fitting shorts for ease of movement.
Examples from the Corpus
movementAny movement will set off the alarm.It takes much time and effort to find recorded music that is suitable as movement accompaniment.One of the leaders of the pro-democracy movement has been arrested.The environmental movement has been trying to preserve our natural resources.the first movement of Bach's A Minor Violin ConcertoHe watched her graceful movements as she came towards him.a dancer's graceful movementsThere is a gradual movement towards tolerance and understanding.Sethe took the opportunity afforded by his movement to shift as well.As a baby can explore the world and learn through its movements, so Infant explores its world and expands its capabilities.There's been no movement in the dispute since Thursday.The modern age of movement towards democracy began with the French Revolution in 1789.The doctor thinks she'll recover quite a lot of movement, though maybe not all.During the 1920S, they worked furiously to force him out of movement leadership.We watched for signs of movement in the trees.She was active in a number of political movements, including the campaign to end slavery.The prospect of still higher unemployment as growth slows is prompting movement on the union side.This is especially true of open reservoirs, less so on established pits or lakes where bankside vegetation restricts movement.The aim of the civil rights movement was to eliminate racial discrimination in all its forms.the civil rights movementSoldiers were sent into the area to report on the enemy's movements.I crept to the door, and with a sudden movement, opened it wide.Make gentle sweeping movements across the hedge so that the blade can cut on both sides.The slower you do sit-ups, the harder the movement is to do.the movement of the human heartthe movement of goods across state bordersWould a renewed Labour Party imply a revived trade union movement?civil rights/feminist/peace etc movementIt provides a useful point of departure for a historian of the present-day civil rights movement in the Soviet Union.It was 1964, the civil rights movement was sweeping across the land, all the way into the halls of Congress.He talked about the civil rights movement, the need for political engagement, careful analysis, honest leadership.A number of demands which were to be raised by the civil rights movement were taken up by the manifesto.The Republicans are in the civil rights movement the same as they are in the trade unions.At this time, the civil rights movement was blooming, and the city felt racial tension.Up until the civil rights movement of the 1960s, they tended to marry only those from their own class and milieu.The civil rights movement in the early Seventies was an honourable non-sectarian movement peopled by pacifist idealists in pursuit of justice.troop movementsThe graphics depicting troop movements are simple-minded and drawn on forgettable backgrounds.If the main troop movements were quicker than in 480 B.C., those of the scouts were faster still, in proportion.Valuable information was sent back regarding troop movements, flying-bomb factory and assembly areas, and supply dumps.