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monthmonth /mʌnθ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 TMCone of the 12 named periods of time that a year is divided intothis/last/next month Phil is coming home for a visit next month. She’ll be thirteen this month. I hope I’ll have finished the work by the end of the month. She earns about £350 a month (=each month). We update the schedule at least once a month.the month of May/June etc It snowed heavily during the month of January.2 PERIOD OF TIMEa period of about four weeks She has an eight-month-old daughter. He’ll be away for two months. The symptoms she suffered varied from month to month (=every few weeks she had different medical problems). a month-long transport strike3 months4 month after month5 month by month6 never/not in a month of SundaysCOLLOCATIONSadjectiveslast monthThe new restaurant opened last month.the past monthThey had come to know and like each other in the past month.the previous/preceding month (=the month before)Sales were lower than in the previous monthThe movie will be released next month.the coming months (=the next few months)Further work is planned for the coming months.the following month (=the next month)By the following month he had raised over £400.the summer/autumn/winter/spring monthsIt’s very cold here during the winter months.a calendar month (=one of the 12 months of the year)We get paid on the last day of the calendar month.phrasesin recent monthsHe had started to drink heavily in recent months.the beginning/end/middle of the monthYou’ll receive your wages at the end of the month.the time of the monthThis is the busiest time of the month.the months of the yearWe’re learning the months of the year in German.verbsa month passes/goes bySeven months went by before he returned. GRAMMAR: Patterns with monthlast month/this month etcDon’t use in with these words:You say last month: Sales fell sharply last month. Don’t say: Sales fell sharply in last month.You say this month: We’ve been very busy this month. Don’t say: We’ve been very busy in this month.You say next month: It’s my birthday next month. Don’t say: It’s my birthday in next month.You say that month: That month I started a new job. Don’t say: In that month I started a new job.a monthYou use a month when saying how many times in a month something happens: We eat in restaurants several times a month. Don’t say: We eat in restaurants several times in a the month ofYou use in the month of when saying the month when something happens: The trees usually flower in the month of May.all monthYou use all month when talking about something that happens during every part of a month: It’s been raining all month. Don’t say: It’s been raining all the month.
Examples from the Corpus
monthMy daughter's now 10 months old and I still haven't started my periods again.A month earlier it reported losing $ 250 million in 1995 and said it was cutting 100 jobs.The actor can play a different person each month and still be considered a good actor.Last month, the appeal court had heard fresh evidence from two witnesses not called to give evidence at Smith's trial.In this industry, none has been brought in the past six months.It snowed heavily during the month of January.At that time he had been a practising Catholic for two or three months.I told you all about it on July 12, two months ago.this/last/next monthSteel Co., which was drowning in debt and eventually declared bankruptcy last month.Earlier this month, Ladd said it agreed to sell its Fournier Furniture Inc. unit for $ 13. 2 million.And boss Brian Bailey warns that credit applications continued to fall last month too.The company said it expects between one-half to two-thirds of eligible workers to accept the offer, which expires later this month.The plan will be dealt with at an Edinburgh licensing board meeting later this month.He was found guilty of six offences last month, including selling information to a bookmaker.Its range of two high-speed tractors officially goes on sale this month.Northwestern University economist Bruce Meyer discovered that the likelihood of getting a job actually triples during the last month of unemployment benefits.from month to monthTropical forests are complex but in temperature at least, are constant from month to month.Teeth are believed to be a more accurate indicator of exposure to lead than blood, which fluctuates from month to month.The symptoms she endured varied from month to month, worsening or improving according to the circumstances of her life at the time.
Origin month Old English monath