From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmodernmod‧ern /ˈmɒdn $ ˈmɑːdərn/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective 1 [only before noun]NOW belonging to the present time or most recent time SYN contemporary Such companies must change if they are to compete in the modern world. They are the youngest children in modern times to face murder charges. Smaller families are a feature of modern society. Computers are an essential part of modern life. a book about modern history The original supermarkets were small by modern standards.Modern Greek/Hebrew etc (=the form of the language used today)2 MODERNmade or done using the most recent designs or methods SYN up-to-date A lot of progress has been made with the use of modern technology. advances in modern medicine modern surgical techniquessee thesaurus at new3 [only before noun]MODERN modern art, music, literature etc uses styles that have been recently developed and are very different from traditional styles SYN contemporary an exhibition of modern art modern dance4 MODERNhaving very recent attitudes or ways of behaving SYN progressive OPP traditional The school is very modern in its approach to sex education. secondary modernCOLLOCATIONSnounsthe modern worldThe island has hardly been affected by the modern world.modern societyIn modern society, elderly relatives rarely live with their children.modern timesIt was one of the greatest disasters of modern times.the modern age/era/period (=now, rather than in the past)In the modern age, television is the main means of mass communication.modern lifeThese problems are a major part of modern life.modern man (=people today)Modern man gets much less exercise in his daily life than his ancestors.modern history British English (=recent history, as a subject of study)a degree in modern historymodern languages British English (=languages that are spoken today, as a subject of study)French, German and other modern languagesthe modern equivalent of something (=something with the same importance or purpose as something from the past)In their own minds they are the modern equivalent of highwaymen. THESAURUSmodern something that is modern uses the most recent designs or methodsThe house looks very modern.the city’s modern public transportation systemthe latest [only before noun] the newest that is availableThe camera uses the latest digital technology.the very latest mobile phonesthe latest newsup-to-date using the most modern technology, ideas, information etcThe hospital has the most up-to-date equipment in the country.newfangled [only before noun] informal modern – used when you disapprove of something and do not think it as good as the things that existed beforeHe doesn’t believe in these new-fangled gadgets.high-tech, hi-tech using very advanced technology, especially electronic equipment and computersModern tractors are full of high-tech equipment, including GPS.It’s all very hi-tech.state-of-the-art using the newest and most advanced features, ideas, and materials that are availablestate-of-the-art technologya state-of-the-art home entertainment systemThe brand new arts centre is state-of-the-art. COLLOCATIONS CHECKthe latest technology/equipment/newsup-to-date equipment/information/book/mapnew-fangled device/contraption/gadgethigh-tech industry/company/equipmentstate-of-the-art technology/equipment
Examples from the Corpus
modernWe want to create a modern and uncluttered look in the new kitchen.I don't like modern architecture at all.The prince is known for his critical views of modern architecture.Your work was my first route into an understanding of modern art.The most compelling work in the modern British theater is being created in the smaller and non-profit theaters.They will go anywhere in the world to research issues of concern to modern Christians.a modern computer networkThey're a very modern couple -- he stays at home with the kids and she goes out to work.I like both modern dance and classical ballet.Doherty is a professor of modern European history.Many criticisms have been made of modern farming methods.In the mills additional factors have been rationalisation and the use of more modern machinery.He'll receive the most modern medical treatment.The 1908 Act is an obsolete restriction that is not appropriate for modern mining methods.The company occupies a bright, modern office building in the heart of the city.Seattle has a very modern public transportation system.The pyramids are a remarkable piece of engineering, even judged by modern standards.The root of the modern use of the term ideology lies with Marx.the horrors of modern warfareDrugs have become the plague of the modern the modern worldCustomer confidence must be retained if a bank is to operate successfully in the modern world.However, a paternalist style of management can stand rather oddly in the modern world.However, both Ashcroft and Norton live in the modern world.It was, broadly speaking, the cultural outcome of modernity, the social experience of living in the modern world.Mathematics is becoming increasingly important in its applications and uses in the modern world.Who is kidding whom that a middle-size country such as the United Kingdom is sovereign in the modern world?As they are practised in the modern world, high-level teaching and research only make sense in institutions.It would seem that one source of industrial discontent in the modern world is the structure and content of work itself.modern technologyThey are quicker-thinking and have a grasp of modern technology.Despite the accent on tradition, modern technology has simplified some tasks.He was holding modern technology in his hand and beginning to think like a medieval peasant.Thus we have arrived at today's rural scene, which, with modern technology, is changing more rapidly than ever.With modern technology there is no excuse for this kind of slapdash remastering.The arts, too, have been transformed by modern technology, though to a lesser extent than industry.Ida Rebecca called upon modern technology to help George.Phalle uses modern technology to make her images very direct.
Origin modern (1500-1600) Late Latin modernus, from Latin modo just now, from modus; MODE