Word family noun miss adjective missing verb miss
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmissingmiss‧ing /ˈmɪsɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective 1 LOSE/CAN'T FINDsomething that is missing is not in its usual place, so that you cannot find it We found the missing piece of the jigsaw under the chair. The keys have been missing for ages.missing from Two bottles were missing from the drugs cupboard.go missing British English The scissors have gone missing again.2 NOT HAVEif part of something is missing, it is no longer attached or has been destroyed Two of her front teeth were missing. The last page of the diary was missing.missing from There’s a button missing from your shirt.3 DISAPPEARsomeone who is missing has disappeared, and no one knows if they are alive or dead Two crew members survived, but two are still missing.go missing British English Nearly 100,000 young people go missing in Britain each year. When Lily did not come home, her parents called the police to report her missing.4 INCLUDE#not present or not included in somethingmissing from Why is my name missing from the list? Something was missing from her life.5 missing in action
Examples from the Corpus
missingThere's a screw missing.Even little boys have gone missing.She was surprised, and not a little worried, to find Petion missing.Some of the puzzle pieces are missing.Suddenly he looked around and realized one of the children was missing.The baby was born with a finger missing.Therapeutic studies on intestinal M avium complex infection are missing and an effective therapy for cryptosporidiosis is not available at present.When they returned to finish the work after a weekend break, they found parts of the posts missing and broken.Windows missing and doors off the hinges.The first few minutes of the film were somehow missing, but he watched it through to the end.The painting, which has been missing for almost half a century, only turned up when the owner of the house died.She's been missing for three days now, and we're very worried.Three buttons were missing from his shirt.Police are 'very concerned' for the safety of a teenager who's been missing from home for three days.Two pages were missing from my copy of the report.Oh no! The last page is missing from the book!A small sum of money went missing from the office last night.A missing half wandered somewhere else, arriving much later.One of my earrings is missing - have you seen it?Can you spot the missing number in this series?The man had reported his girlfriend missing three days after she disappeared.go missingThen eight-year-old Sarah Payne went missing.Security was tightened up at the embassy after a number of important files went missing.It is hardly surprising that it is beginning to go missing.Some of my aunt's jewellery has gone missing.The alarm was raised when she went missing after Christmas celebrations.Nineteen were killed and two went missing and are presumed dead.Five hours later officers admitted the £9,000 Bedford Astra had gone missing before they had checked it for fingerprints.He's a strange man -- sometimes he goes missing for days and doesn't tell a soul.Stock has been going missing from the stock room, and we're trying to find out who is responsible.It's pretty odd, isn't it, one of Dora's clubs going missing like that.report ... missingDaytona Beach Police started searching for Seay on Dec. 23,1988, when she was reported missing.No one reported the victim missing.There were no reports of anyone missing.We will report you missing and they will forget all about you after a while.It is understood he was reported missing from a dependency unit at South Cleveland hospital earlier in the day.It is believed he had been reported missing from Winwick Hospital, Warrington, on Saturday.Divers alert: A major rescue operation was launched yesterday after two divers were reported missing off Redcar.Kathleen Wade was reported missing on the morning of September 20,1986.