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minuetmin‧u‧et /ˌmɪnjuˈet/ noun [countable] APDAPMa slow dance of the 17th and 18th centuries, or a piece of music for this dance
Examples from the Corpus
minuetThe same is true for the 3/4 minuets of Haydn and Mozart.The point at which a minuet is no longer a minuet, but becomes a waltz or scherzo, is ultimately indefinable.He was doing a little minuet and he starts finding out things about his body.Is he merely to proffer his hand and lead her into a stately minuet?In the minuet the viola leads both violins.Throughout history, otherwise unmarked minuets have been written in a number of time signatures, including 3/4,6/8 and 3/8.
Origin minuet (1600-1700) French menuet, from Old French menu small; MINUTE2