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mintmint1 /mɪnt/ ●●○ noun 1 mint.jpg [uncountable]HBPDFC a small plant with green leaves that have a fresh smell and taste and are used in cooking new potatoes sprinkled with chopped mint roast lamb with mint sauce Decorate with a sprig of mint.2 [countable]DF a sweet that tastes of peppermint (=a type of mint with a strong fresh taste) We sat in the back row, sucking mints. Would you like a mint?3 a mint4 [countable]PEC a place where coins are officially made coins issued by the Royal Mint
Examples from the Corpus
mintWell, pop a mint, our friends, head for the hills, and pick your teeth with a mesquite twig.He helps himself to a mint from a fancy glass bowl on the coffee table.But he has finally won a mint.Pennyroyal, a type of mint, is effective against fleas so attach a few dried pennyroyal leaves to your pet's collar.Eat smaller meals and try soda mints or indigestion tablets.Children will have the opportunity to create money for the Storyopolis mint.sprig of mintChill and serve with ice-cubes and a sprig of mint.Decorate with a slice of kiwi and a sprig of mint.To serve, spoon the sorbet into the reserved mango skins or in individual glasses and decorate with sprigs of mint.
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mintmint2 verb [transitive] PECto make a coin Only 2,000 of the special commemorative coins are being minted.
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Examples from the Corpus
mintA more perfect ski day had not yet been minted.He minted coins and his patronage of continental missionary activity is a noticeable feature of his reign.a newly minted engineering graduateHe minted his own silver pieces, and enjoyed music, thinking, inventing, sailing and restoring old houses.This indicates that the two denominations were minted in the same part of his reign.But sometimes unscrupulous leaders added coins to the money supply by minting new coins that contained less gold and silver.
mintmint3 adjective 1 in mint condition2 British English informal very goodFrom King Business Dictionarymintmint1 /mɪnt/ noun [countable]1FINANCEthe Royal Mint2a mint informal a very large amount of moneyWhen she eventually sold the business she made a mint.As the major shareholder he must be worth a mint.mintmint2 verb [transitive] MANUFACTURINGto manufacture coinsthe right of a country to mint its own coins→ See Verb tableOrigin mint1 1. Old English minte, from Latin mentha; MENTHOL2. Old English mynet coin, money, from Latin moneta; MONEY