military police

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmilitary policeˌmilitary poˈlice noun the military police
Examples from the Corpus
military policeA military police patrol asked that he tour the area with them to find his friend.More military police and an infantry division was called into action, and the riot was quickly ended the next day.It was full of soldiers and of military police, and I was near despair.Six truckloads of military police were sent by the army to clear out all military personnel so they would not be involved.Civil police, who perform investigations, tend to be paid slightly less than military police, who patrol communities.He had arrived home the weekend after reporting for duty, followed soon afterwards by the military police.The Special Investigation Branch of the military police is conducting more than 30 investigations into allegations of brutality.The lanky, 6-foot-4-inch captain coordinates the moves with military police, engineers, medics and rescue crews.