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milemile /maɪl/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 (written abbreviation m)TM a unit for measuring distance, equal to 1,760 yards or about 1,609 metres It’s forty miles from here to the Polish border. an area 50 miles wide and 150 miles long We walked about half a mile. He was driving at 70 miles per hour.2 the mile3 miles4 go the extra mile5 stick out/stand out a mile6 can see/spot/tell something a mile off7 be miles away8 miles older/better/too difficult etc9 by a mile10 miles out11 join the mile high club nautical mile, → run a mile at run1(38)
Examples from the Corpus
mileThe main obstacle was the steep Crooksbury Hill after 19 miles, with the Punchbowl being a descent.Edgcote House, situated about 8 miles northwest of Brackley, was a somewhat larger house than Weston Hall.Dane's father lives about a mile from here.The gas was piped over a quarter of a mile to the Hall and stables.Eighteen miles is not far at all, she says.Huge jams built up behind the 74-year-old pensioner as he crawled for five miles along the inside lane of the dual-carriageway A1.Mark jogs as least five miles a day.The first goal he scored in the famous Burnley game was really something special, he lobs the goalie from miles out.Maybe you have to throw a coat over your nightie and pick them up from miles away in the car.The car gets about thirty miles to the gallon.Now his voice was coming over five thousand miles of air and five hundred years of diverse progress.miles per hourAt least 20 others were run aground, driven into sand bars by huge waves and winds topping 100 miles per hour.Average speed 111 miles per hour.Competing vehicles have to cover a ten-mile course carrying a driver at a speed of at least 15 miles per hour.He estimated that the car must have been doing at least 18 miles per hour on the curve where it overturned.We can accelerate up to 20 miles per hour up a hill.After reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour enroute, you arrive at the barber shop.The hydrogen molecule, H2, which is the smallest of all molecules travels at approximately 4300 miles per hour at 25°C.The speed limit is 65 miles per hour.Boost is engine manifold pressure, a key ingredient in the maintenance of horsepower and ultimately, miles per hour.
From King Business Dictionarymilemile /maɪl/ written abbreviation m noun [countable] (also geographical mile) a unit for measuring distance or length, equal to 5,280 feet or 1,609 metres nautical mileOrigin mile Old English mil, from Latin milia passum thousands of paces