middle class

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmiddle classˌmiddle ˈclass ●●○ noun [singular] (also middle classes) CLASS IN SOCIETYthe social class that includes people who are educated and work in professional jobs, for example teachers or managerslower class, upper class, working class This led to the creation of a new, affluent middle class. Home ownership was once a privilege of the middle classes.GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Middle class is usually followed by a singular verb: Brazil’s middle class has grown in number.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: Brazil’s middle class have grown in number.
Examples from the Corpus
middle classHowever, a middle class is growing.Now is when the downsized middle class is looking for protections that unions once provided.What matters is the expectations of the middle class.
middle-classˌmiddle-ˈclass ●●○ adjective 1 CLASS IN SOCIETYtypical of people who are educated and work in professional jobs a middle-class family They lived a comfortable middle-class life.2 CLASS IN SOCIETYmiddle-class attitudes and ideas are typical of middle-class people and are often concerned with the idea that people should work hard, have a good education, and try to earn enough money to live a comfortable life
Examples from the Corpus
middle-classThe Klan has been trying to recruit a new type of kid: young, middle-class and white.She knew how much the pay packet meant to that middle-class family.The audience was mainly middle-class men.All the great middle-class moral reforms of the age had been achieved at the expense of pleasure and enjoyment.a middle-class neighborhoodThey live in a middle-class neighbourhood on the edge of town.I should add that these three incidents happened to intelligent, middle-class patients in hospitals with international reputations.Its members brought the same middle-class standards to black adoptions that they used for white adoptions.College is more expensive and more critical to middle-class status than in the past.a middle-class view of lifeMost of his patients were middle-class women who suffered from hysteria.The middle-class YCs had been far more serious at school than Willis' lads.