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microcomputermi‧cro‧com‧put‧er /ˈmaɪkrəʊkəmˌpjuːtə $ -kroʊkəmˌpjuːtər/ noun [countable] TDa small computer
Examples from the Corpus
microcomputerToday, any person working in an office situation generally has access to a microcomputer and a variety of software.It also carries out research into Third World needs for microcomputers.Strenuous efforts have been made to program such recognition abilities into microcomputers and several packages for manipulating and comparing spectra are available.A local microcomputer is like a manual record system which can be accessible to all levels of staff.They are the names of microcomputers produced by a new breed of electronics entrepreneurs.At the same time, pupils are also exposed to one practical application of the microcomputer which will be relevant outside school.This also develops technical skills as the pupils learn to use the microcomputer while carrying out the project.The microcomputer then searches the file to discover any entries indexed using both keywords.
From King Business Dictionarymicrocomputermi‧cro‧com‧put‧er /ˈmaɪkrəʊkəmˌpjuːtə-kroʊkəm- ˌpjuːtər/ noun [countable] old-fashionedCOMPUTING a PC