From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmemorialme‧mo‧ri‧al1 /məˈmɔːriəl/ ●●○ noun 1 [countable]REMEMBER something, especially a stone with writing on it, that reminds people of someone who has diedmemorial to The hospital was built as a memorial to King Edward VII.permanent/lasting memorial An appeal has been launched to build a lasting memorial to the composer.2 [singular]REMEMBER an achievement that reminds people of someone who has diedmemorial to The garden is a memorial to one of the finest Victorian gardeners. war memorial
Examples from the Corpus
memorialThere are no plans for a memorial at Daytona International Speedway, where Earnhardt died.There is a memorial to nine of those who perished-the guards.the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.One of her best-known works is a marble memorial to Bishop Prideaux which is in Worcester cathedral.It's too early to discuss a permanent memorial, she said.Removing personal memorials, or even mowing around them, can be trying for highway crews.The memorial at the bomb site featured mournful bagpipes played Amazing Grace after Marine Capt.It had been commissioned by students and was situated near the official war memorial on Hewitt Plaza.permanent/lasting memorialIt will stand as a permanent memorial to the man whose generosity has so benefited the Theatre Collection.It's too early to discuss a permanent memorial, she said.Now the people of the town have honoured his bravery by erecting a permanent memorial.He has run a quiet, determined campaign for a lasting memorial to be erected to the men who died.A shrewd and learned editor, a patient mentor, and a courteous friend, his Boswell is a lasting memorial.
memorialmemorial2 adjective [only before noun] REMEMBERdone or made in order to remind people of someone who has diedmemorial service/ceremony A memorial service will be held at 7 pm on Saturday.
Examples from the Corpus
memorialPeople fall all over each other to help light memorial candles, to organize funerals.And the next book, article, theatre programme and, one day, I guess, memorial celebration.He met Saleh after a memorial ceremony for former president Francois Mitterand.Unless he changes his mind, there may be more holocausts to remember on the Holocaust memorial days to come.Jackson Memorial HospitalEliot was asked to give the first Yeats memorial lecture in Dublin in 1940.The memorial service was attended by the greatest names in Hollywood.Together with the family, directors establish the location, dates, and times of wakes, memorial services, and burials.Camusfearna was demolished after he left, a single memorial stone marking the site; the otters come no service/ceremonyThe Arnhem veteran had come from Salisbury for a memorial service.After yesterday's memorial service, cremation took place at Colwyn Bay.You could tell by who was at his memorial service, from the publishing executive to the receptionist from 10 years ago.A motorcade through downtown Moon Beach, a twenty-one-gun salute, a memorial service in the cathedral.I was able to talk with visitors offering condolences, to endure two memorial ceremonies without falling apart.