Word family noun memorial memory memo memoir memorabilia memorandum adjective memorable memorial immemorial verb memorize memorialize adverb memorably
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memorandummem‧o‧ran‧dum /ˌmeməˈrændəm/ noun (plural memoranda /-də/ or memorandums) [countable] 1 formalBBCLETTER a memo2 lawSCL a short legal document that contains the important details of an agreement
Examples from the Corpus
memorandumOn his way back to Washington, Bundy prepared a memorandum urging a steady program of bombing the north.Between five and 15 consultants chosen from a large pool of employees are typically called upon to review any given idea memorandum.What is said in a letter or memorandum is partly how it is said.When Meese handed North the memorandum, he at first showed no surprise.Reagan is also being accused of ordering scientists to ignore the terms of reference of the memorandum.Nevertheless, we will, of course, require your assistance in drafting the non-financial section of the memorandum.The Council received the memorandum, and set up a sub-committee to consider it, with Lord Kings Norton in the chair.
From King Business Dictionarymemorandummem‧o‧ran‧dum /ˌmeməˈrændəm/ noun (plural memoranda /-də/ or memorandums) [countable]1formal a MEMOThe accusations were first set out in an internal memorandum to the chairman.2LAW a legal document recording the important details of an agreementOrigin memorandum (1400-1500) Latin thing to be remembered, from memorare; MEMORABLE