Word family noun memorial memory memo memoir memorabilia memorandum adjective memorable memorial immemorial verb memorize memorialize adverb memorably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmemorablemem‧o‧ra‧ble /ˈmemərəbəl/ ●●○ adjective REMEMBERvery good, enjoyable, or unusual, and worth remembering We want to make this a truly memorable day for the children.memorably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
memorableDickens' characters are very vivid and memorable.It is Bassani's unique gift that their familiar ordinariness should make them, often frighteningly, so memorable.One memorable afternoon, we visited a Shinto shrine.The story was memorable because, as far as I recall, it was the only book in the school library that even mentioned a black person.For Clarissa Grey, the summer had been memorable because she had been consistently happy.The Tyson-Douglas fight was one of the most memorable events in boxing history.What's your most memorable moment from your years on the stage?Hooke had already made several memorable names for himself in science.It was a memorable night of riotous jollity.Great inaugural speeches generally have one memorable sound bite.The resulting chaos was so memorable that I've never dared take a holiday during a conference again!Kirk Gibson hit a memorable World Series home run despite an injured leg, but he was only pinch-hitting.
Origin memorable (1400-1500) Latin memorabilis, from memorare to remind, mention, from memor; MEMORY