Word family noun memorial memory memo memoir memorabilia memorandum adjective memorable memorial immemorial verb memorize memorialize adverb memorably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmemorabiliamem‧o‧ra‧bil‧i‧a /ˌmemərəˈbɪliə/ noun [plural] REMEMBERthings that you keep or collect because they are connected with a famous person, event, or time a collection of war memorabilia
Examples from the Corpus
memorabiliaFinally Brooks of Clapham included a varied and most interesting collection of aviation memorabilia in their sale on September 15.Bogies is housed in a restored movie theater and decorated with Humphrey Bogart memorabilia.Elvis memorabiliaRhode Island native Charlie spent the better part of his adult life collecting Elvis Presley memorabilia.University of California officials said they were stunned to learn that the school would lose its collection of Saroyan memorabilia to Stanford.We've lots of theatre memorabilia saved from old music halls and theatres.The fifty year old mortar had been brought to the Oxfam shop in Cheltenham with other war memorabilia in a sack.
Origin memorabilia (1700-1800) Latin memorabilis; MEMORABLE