From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmemoirmem‧oir /ˈmemwɑː $ -wɑːr/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 memoirs2 formalWRITE a short piece of writing about a person or place that you knew well, or an event that you experienced
Examples from the Corpus
memoirAnd I have written a memoir trying to explain my ongoing fascination with her life and work.The diary of this trip is Jaynes' droll and artfully composed memoir.Race is one of the issues Bradley has grappled with throughout his life, he writes in his memoir.In his memoirs Eden wrote: I had long wished to bring National Service to an end.In the memoirs he recollected his response as follows: Three solutions are conceivable.Zab finds herself using the now obsolete narrative conventions of the memoir.Yet the memoirs of these survivors, their dirge, is rarely inscribed in the chroniclers' sentimental journeys.He was always talking about those memoirs.
Origin memoir (1600-1700) French mémoire memory, from Latin memoria; MEMORY