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memomem‧o /ˈmeməʊ $ -moʊ/ noun (plural memos) [countable] BLETTERa short official note to another person in the same company or organization I sent him a memo reminding him about the meeting.memo to/from a memo from the managing director to all heads of department
Examples from the Corpus
memoPeople expect these two strata to answer the phone, to draft a memo.Mr. Fitchel said he made the suggestion in a memo to his superiors.He noticed a memo from the chairman on Wilson's desk.The Managing Director sent out a memo to all employees saying there would be a meeting at 10 o'clock.I have sent out a memo to all staff, reminding them of the procedure for taking sick leave.A memo went around the office, reminding staff of the new dress code.But memos at the time suggest the government knew exactly what was bound to happen, and turned a blind eye.Propped up against his telephone was a fresh inter-departmental memo.The meeting's been cancelled. Didn't you get my memo?Unfortunately, my memos were not getting read, because they were not getting through.Parmenter was handling the actual production of the memo on a suitable typewriter and stationery.But some doctors say while the memo may have been withdrawn, the unfairness remains.I sent him a stiffly worded memo telling him exactly what I thought of that.I tell him about a paper cut I got Xeroxing memos at work.memo to/fromGlanville indicated in a memo to Kerr that he thought there were problems ahead.There is nothing worse than asking students to write a memo to Macbeth.Write a memo to the Head of your Department suggesting social and/or sports events which you think would improve college life.She writes a memo to and he just calls me in the office and wants to know what is going on.What's this, another memo from you, Lord? ` Don't try to conjure.And then Rudi went back to his desk and did something I never would have expected-he read his memo to Dean Fiellin.An internal memo from an official in Gov.Second page Keep your memo to one page if at all possible.
From King Business Dictionarymemomem‧o /ˈmeməʊ-moʊ/ noun [countable] a short official note, usually from one person to another person or group of people in the same company or organizationA memo was sent to all employees informing them of the merger deal. reply memoOrigin memo (1700-1800) memorandum