Word family noun medical medication medicine medic adjective medical medicated medicinal adverb medically medicinally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedicatedmed‧i‧cat‧ed /ˈmedɪkeɪtɪd/ adjective DCBMDmedicated soap or shampoo contains a substance to help small medical problems of your skin or hair
Examples from the Corpus
medicatedDisguise a blemish with a touch of medicated cover-stick, then set with loose face powder.Daytime carryover effects, such as sleepiness and reduced alertness, are also more pronounced in the medicated elderly.The risk of resistant strains of bacteria developing through complacent use of medicated feeds is high.If they are still eating, try obtaining a medicated flake from your local vet.Then muslin bags containing medicated rice are dipped in warm milk and are dabbed all over your body.You will then be able to soak them in the medicated solution for maximum effectiveness.First I had to be cleansed - this meant drinking a lot of medicated water and throwing it up again.