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mechanicme‧chan‧ic /mɪˈkænɪk/ ●●○ noun 1 mechanic.jpg [countable]BOTTC someone who is skilled at repairing motor vehicles and machinery a garage mechanic2 the mechanics of (doing) something3 mechanics
Examples from the Corpus
mechanicShe and her husband, Joe, an auto mechanic, have taken their first airplane trips.But the manual merely provides its owner with the game mechanics.Instead of the clarity and precision of Newtonian mechanics, we have to be content with a more fuzzy account of affairs.This paucity of information arises from the role that uncertainty has in quantum mechanics.I learnt my quantum mechanics, so to speak, straight from the horse's mouth.This was the first indication that quantum mechanics might remove the singularities that were predicted by general relativity.And the re-enlistment rate for first-term mechanics had nearly doubled.Infants quickly catch on to the mechanics, and the whole process begins to work more smoothly.