Word family noun measure measurement adjective measurableimmeasurable measured measureless verb measure adverb measurablyimmeasurably
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ldoce_221_emeasuremea‧sure1 /ˈmeʒə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W2 verb 1 [transitive]TMMEASURE to find the size, length, or amount of something, using standard units such as inches, metres etc The rainfall was measured over a three-month period.measure somebody for something (=measure someone in order to make clothes for them) She was being measured for her wedding dress.measure something in something We can measure the energy that food provides in calories.measuring jug/cup/tape (=one used for measuring)2 [transitive]JUDGE to judge the importance, value, or true nature of something SYN assess Doctors say it is too early to measure the effectiveness of the drug.measure something by something Education shouldn’t be measured purely by examination results.3 [linking verb]TMMEASURE to be a particular size, length, or amount The room measures 6 x 6 metres. The earthquake measured 6.5 on the Richter scale.4 [transitive]TM if a piece of equipment measures something, it shows or records a particular kind of measurement An odometer measures the number of miles your car travels. measure somebody/something against somebody/something measure something ↔ off measure something ↔ out measure up
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Examples from the Corpus
measureWhen full grown, the Blue Whale measures 110 feet in length.The foam seat pad measures 19 by 22 inches and is a quarter-inch thick.The tree in the backyard measures 30 feet in height.Put the soil into a sack measuring 50 centimetres across.Again, how many could be one in a set period of time would be measured.Income must equal expenditure when all the sources of income and types of expenditure are classified and measured.Some species of python have been measured at over 28 feet long.Rabbits and other hunted animals do not need to measure distance accurately.The yacht measures eighty-four feet and is fitted out to the highest standards.Electrodes were attached to his chest in order to measure his heart rate.Long enough that he stopped looking around, stopped measuring his relationship to his surroundings.The value of government support to the industry can not be measured in terms of cash expenditures.They measured it all out painstakingly.Surgeons use a laser with a beam measuring less than the width of a human hair.The nurse weighed me and measured my height.Can you measure the desk to see if it'll fit into that corner?Seismologists in Japan measured the earthquake at 7.7 on the Richter scale.The GNP figures measure the rate of growth in the economy.We should measure the wall before we buy new shelves.measuring jug/cup/tapeCarefully leaving behind any dirt that has settled, pour water through fine-mesh strainer into 4-cup liquid measuring cup.Combine remaining 1 / 2 cup buttermilk and vanilla in another bowl or measuring cup.Strain fat from skillet and strain through paper towel into heatproof measuring cup.You will also need a measuring cup, a teaspoon, and a tablespoon.In the next box, a set of measuring cups and one of measuring spoons.Neither measuring tape nor scissors were needed here.You will need a measuring jug, shampoo and towels on hand.measure something by somethingYou can't measure someone by the clothes they wear.
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measuremeasure2 ●●○ W2 noun [countable] 1 actionPGDO BADLY an action, especially an official one, that is intended to deal with a particular problem SYN step Measures are being taken to reduce crime in the city.drastic/tough/extreme etc measures drastic measures to reduce traffic problems New safety measures were being demanded after last night’s horrific train crash. The new bridge was erected as a temporary measure to replace the one which was destroyed by floods.precautionary/preventative measure (=something done to stop something bad from happening) He was kept in hospital overnight as a precautionary measure.2 half measures3 be a measure of something4 a measure of something5 unit of measurementTMMEASURE a) an amount or unit in a measuring system a table of weights and measures b) DFDa standard amount of an alcoholic drink6 in large measure/in some measure7 in equal measure8 for good measure9 beyond measure10 the full measure of something11 in full measure12 have/get the measure of something13 have/get the measure of somebody14 thing used for measuringTMMEASURE something used for measuring, for example a piece of wood or a container tape measure15 music a group of notes and rests, separated from other groups by vertical lines, into which a piece of music is divided SYN bar British English made-to-measure, → give somebody short measure at short1(23)COLLOCATIONSverbstake measures (=do something in order to deal with a problem)We are taking measures to improve the situation.adopt/introduce a measure (=start using a particular way of dealing with a problem)The countries agreed to adopt measures to reduce pollution.a measure is aimed at doing somethingThe measures were aimed at reducing the speed of cars on the roads.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + measure a safety measureNew safety measures were implemented after the rail crash.a security measure (=something done to keep a place safe from danger or crime)Video surveillance cameras have been installed as a security measure.a preventative/precautionary measure (=something done to prevent something bad)Vaccination against disease is a sensible preventative measure.a extreme measureThe public would not be in favour of such an extreme measure. a drastic measure (=an extreme measure)Drastic measures are needed if we are to combat global warming.a temporary measure (=something done for a limited period of time to deal with a problem)The tents were used as a temporary measure to replace homes destroyed in the floods.a necessary measureThe army will take all necessary measures to protect the appropriate measure (=a measure that is suitable for a particular situation)In the event of an assault, staff will need to take appropriate measures to defend themselves.phrasesa package/series of measures (=a set of measures used to deal with something)A package of road safety measures has been announced.
Examples from the Corpus
measureAn inch is a measure of length.Voters in Montana rejected a measure to increase cigarette tax.Jones simply wanted a measure of respect from her co-workers.a measure of bourbona table of U.S. standard weights and measuresLawmakers are searching for the best measures to strengthen Social Security.Drastic situations require drastic measures.To make the drink, you will need one measure of red wine to two measures of lemonade.Through the use of intelligence tests and other measures, at-tempts are made to estimate individual abilities.The expenditure on science is another possible measure of growth, either nationally, or as numbers of research grants.However, the Supreme Soviet criticized the government over its social protection measures.Worse yet, the prices for the stocks in the portfolio are, by some measures, extremely high.The House of Representatives had approved the measure on Nov. 14, the day after it was reported out of committee.But the measure is still pending and has the backing of the Clinton administration and congressional leaders.The measure, sponsored by Rep.Intuitively, we should not expect widely differing results from these two measures in the assessment of portfolios.Government officials refused to say what measures were being planned to deal with the refugee crisis.precautionary/preventative measureCenter Jelani McCoy did not participate in the defensive drills as a precautionary measure.One resident was taken to hospital with chest pains as a precautionary measure but was released after a check-up.Tobacco that tolerates salinity is a precautionary measure against the rising tides that a changing climate will bring.At this point a final precautionary measure is necessary.We are monitoring the entire town to find out how preventative measures can influence the way people live.Short confidentiality clauses in standard conditions are really only precautionary measures to be relied upon in an emergency.Nevertheless, it is a serious condition if the eye is affected, and sensible precautionary measures should be taken.weights and measuresBut weights and measures inspectors are never satisfied to simply eyeball things.Additional information includes tables of weights and measures and basic and commercial information on individual countries.Also, enforcement is carried out in the same way by the weights and measures authorities, sections 27-33.As the recipes come from different cooks, the weights and measures may vary slightly, depending on the author.I am only implementing the weights and measures legislation that the previous Labour Government introduced.
From King Business Dictionarymeasuremea‧sure1 /ˈmeʒə-ər/ noun1[countable] an official action, taken to deal with a particular problemThe company has had to take cost-cutting measures, including reducing spending on certain marketing programs. austerity measure2a measure of something a way of measuring or calculating somethingGross domestic product is the Commerce Department’s main measure of U.S. economic output.Car sales are often seen as a measure of consumer confidence.3[countable, uncountable] an amount or unit in a measuring systema table of weights and measures dry measure liquid measuremeasuremeasure2 verb [transitive] to find out or calculate the amount or level of somethingways to measure and improve service qualityThis country has the third highest standard of living, as measured by per capita GDP.measure something against somethingAll currencies have historically been measured against gold.measure something in somethingOverseas sales, measured in dollars, rose 18% last year. measure up→ See Verb tableOrigin measure2 (1100-1200) Old French mesure, from Latin mensura, from metiri to measure