From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaverickmav‧e‧rick /ˈmævərɪk/ noun [countable] UNUSUALan unusual person who has different ideas and ways of behaving from other people, and is often very successful He’s always been a bit of a maverick.maverick adjective [only before noun] a maverick detective
Examples from the Corpus
maverickHe made it clear that he wanted to do it properly and not jump into the primary as a maverick.A gadfly, a maverick, a treasured pain in the posterior.Narendra was some kind of new thing, a maverick, rooted in the traditional but open to new ways of being.Pat Young is one of the province's best known fashion mavericks.In the morning, he sharply criticized Jones for maverick marketing policies and accused him of trying to tear down the league.Those who denounced him as a political maverick were not surprised when, in 1924, he joined the Labour party.Programmers are often thought of as the mavericks of the computer business.
Origin maverick (1800-1900) Samuel A. Maverick (1803-70), U.S. cattle owner who did not mark some of his young cattle