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matadormat‧a‧dor /ˈmætədɔː $ -ɔːr/ noun [countable] BODLa man who fights and kills bulls during a bullfight SYN bullfighter
Examples from the Corpus
matadorAn oriental girl dressed as a matador wrenched off her domino and threw herself at me.She had arrived with her parents some time ago but seemed to be dancing with a matador.Inevitably, the Front, which had proved itself a great matador, chased a foolish illusion and became the bull.The hapless matador eventually managed to leave the arena under heavy police protection; the fate of the bull was not documented.A Prescott speech resembles a bull charging an imaginary matador.Having weakened the bull, the matador in this Madrid fight at the last moment refused to deliver the fatal thrust.Surely Emmeline would have discovered by now that he was not the matador?
Origin matador (1600-1700) Spanish matar to kill