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martinmar‧tin /ˈmɑːtɪn $ ˈmɑːrtn/ noun [countable] HBBa small bird like a swallow
Examples from the Corpus
martinSquirrels and martins moved in the trees, and once they came almost face to face with a boar.I could take you as my wife here the people are prejudiced against blacks they were happy martin luther king was killed.In summer the estate became the home of colonies of house martins and swallows.Another ingenious construction technique is demonstrated by the house martin.The technical skill of the house martin enables it to construct gravity-defying mud nests beneath the eaves of houses.We used to have a family of martins nesting directly over our front porch, just under my bedroom window.Phototherapy evolved between myself and Rosy martin out of the use of techniques from a range of therapies, plus photographic skills.But of course she ought to have known that martin Jones would find out in the end.
Origin martin (1400-1500) French from Saint Martin; probably because the birds fly to a new home around Martinmas (November 11)