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martenmar‧ten /ˈmɑːtən, -tn $ ˈmɑːrtn/ noun [countable] HBAa small animal with a long body and a tail that lives mainly in trees and that eats smaller animals a pine marten
Examples from the Corpus
martenA marten died in a trap.Her sister-in-law wore canary yellow trimmed with black marten fur.Mink, marten, otter, and wildcat brought up to ten shillings apiece, and prime beaver were worth seven.The rabbits you are after may already have been bolted by natural predators such as stoats, weasels, mink and pine martens.Rising populations of pine martens are rare, but Crom is an exception.Pine martens could be out of the woods, albeit in limited areas, and may they flourish.The marten and fisher, however, were more widespread.
Origin marten (1200-1300) Old French martrine marten fur, from martre marten