From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmarkingmark‧ing /ˈmɑːkɪŋ $ ˈmɑːr-/ noun 1 [countable usually plural, uncountable]TT things painted or written on something, especially something such as an aircraft, road, vehicle etc The marking on the road is unclear. strange markings on the walls of the cave2 [countable usually plural, uncountable]MARK the coloured patterns and shapes on an animal’s fur, on leaves etc This dolphin is noted for its distinctive black and white markings. the vivid markings of the angelfish3 [uncountable] especially British EnglishRESULT/GRADE the activity of checking students’ written work SYN grading American English I have to do a lot of marking tonight. the setting and marking of exams
Examples from the Corpus
markingDisqualifications Any base colour other than black; absence of all markings.Minnie is a Holstein cow with black markings that look like Mickey Mouse on her side.They are resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals and allow cylinder markings to be easily read.To hide their clear outlines they need some kind of disruptive markings.At the same time due consideration must always be given to the visual effect of the grain markings.a black box with no markingsFor exact determination the pellucid markings in the leaves can be used.Near the head and along its side, it had some markings that were the color of nicotine.Much attention has been paid to detail - the makers' plates bear the markings of the Midland Carriage Works.