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manurema‧nure /məˈnjʊə $ məˈnʊr/ noun [uncountable] TASwaste matter from animals that is mixed with soil to improve the soil and help plants growmanure verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
manureMany farmers are rediscovering the largely abandoned practices of crop rotation and manure spreading.An alternative to digging in the green manure in spring is to cut and add the material to the compost heap.He always reeked of horse manure and whiskey.In addition, it may no longer spread horse manure along Ramona Oaks Road.And it was a grave responsibility, said my Papa, even down to ridding the boxcars of manure when circumstances permitted.Dig in plenty of rotted manure, but ensure the ground has settled firmly before planting.His business was selling manure to farmers; he had a truck.A further disadvantage is the work involved in returning the manure to the field.
Origin manure (1300-1400) Old French manouvrer to work with the hands, from Latin manu operare; MANEUVER1