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manufacturerman‧u‧fac‧tur‧er /ˌmænjəˈfæktʃə $ -ər/ ●●○ W2 noun [countable] (also manufacturers [plural])TIF a company that makes large quantities of goods Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your new dishwasher. The fridge was sent back to the manufacturers.
Examples from the Corpus
manufacturerI am writing to complain about manufacturers who use unnecessary packaging.Alubend is one of the country's biggest manufacturers of aluminium tubes.If inventories get too bloated, manufacturers generally halt production and slash their work forces to stay more in line with demand.Most folks will prefer the latter, which is the way Windows 95 is usually set up by manufacturers.Clothing manufacturers have also felt the effects of the recession, as people spend less on clothes.All major protective coatings manufacturers will be faced with the same issues.a soft-drinks manufacturerAt the same time, a combination of high costs and cutthroat pricing is driving out manufacturers of computing and communications hardware.Medtronic Inc. v. Lohr: Federal law does not prevent patients from suing manufacturers of defective medical devices in state courts.Contact the manufacturer of your washing machine for a replacement part.Complaints should be sent to the manufacturer.Corridor's platform will allow retailers to inform their customers of precise delivery dates through online links to manufacturers and distributors.