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mansionman‧sion /ˈmænʃən/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 TBa very large house a beautiful country mansion2 Mansions
Examples from the Corpus
mansionan eleven-bedroom mansion in Hancock ParkWakehurst Place is a beautiful Elizabethan mansion known primarily for its exotic gardens.About 200 yards from his mansion, in an old barn, he even kept an armored personnel carrier.Great limestone mansions were rising in New York.a magnificent mansion set in 2000 acres of countrysideThis old mansion became a large hospital.Once a private mansion, it is a classic hotel in the best tradition.The design organization previously cosponsored annual home tours with the San Diego Historical Society, usually at historic sites and suburban mansions.
Origin mansion (1300-1400) Old French Latin mansio, from manere; MANOR