Word family noun management manager manageability manageress adjective manageableunmanageable managerial verb manage
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmanagerman‧ag‧er /ˈmænɪdʒə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 BBBMANAGERsomeone whose job is to manage part or all of a company or other organizationbank/sales/project etc manager She’s now assistant marketing manager for the southeast area. one of our regional managersmanager of the general manager of Chevrolet a middle manager in a computer company (=someone who manages a small part of a company) line manager2 DSsomeone who is in charge of training and organizing a sports team the new England managermanager of the manager of Lazio3 APBBBsomeone who is in charge of the business affairs of a singer, an actor etc
Examples from the Corpus
managerHe was a manager for Safeway Stores before leaving to start his own business.the advertising manager of a mail-order companyVisalia had adopted a radically new budget system, which allowed managers to respond quickly as circumstances changed.All new loans must be approved by the bank manager.Ron was promoted to branch manager of the North West region.These activities would include the appointment of case managers for individuals such as the vulnerable elderly when it was appropriate. 2.And now Cambridge United, who recently sacked controversial manager John Beck, have made the first move.McBride was a general manager in charge of research and development.He is general manager of operations for three health clubs.Notify your line manager if you are ill.Even corporate bonds, which in particular started the year out of favor among money managers, had a good year.I have all these new managers, all these intellectuals.She's one of our regional sales managers.Senior managers concerned with efficiency often try to reduce the substitutability of other departments below them.White was later a store manager for Safeway Stores.Finally, the managers had difficulty confronting the possibility that, in part, they might be the source of the problem.If the sales clerk cannot help you, ask to see the manager.I'd like to see the manager please.the manager of the Boston Red SoxFew theatre managers understood the nature of the gases which they handled.middle managerThere is increasing evidence of disillusionment among middle managers which goes beyond the long-established mid-career crisis literature.How real are many so-called management posts in schools, e.g. deputy heads in primary schools and middle managers in secondary schools?Computers are belatedly replacing thousands of clerical staff and middle managers.And unfortunately for middle managers, the encroachment of technology has coincided with a less autocratic approach to management.In the organizational hierarchy of the past, middle managers were the people who remembered things, who passed on corporate culture.Among those who face cutbacks: general supervisors, middle managers and production workers.Third, the rest of the middle managers are nervous.The middle managers are gone, and they are not coming back.
From King Business Dictionarymanagerman‧ag‧er /ˈmænɪdʒə-ər/ noun [countable]JOB someone whose job is to manage all or part of a company or organization, or a particular activityTo be a good manager you need loads of energy.a restructuring designed to give top managers more control over operationsa cost-cutting program in which more than 20 middle managers and senior managers have been fired account manager assistant manager bank manager branch manager brand manager business manager commercial manager floor manager fund manager general manager human resources manager investment manager line manager money manager personnel manager plant manager portfolio manager production manager product manager project manager property manager research manager sales manager trading manager works manager see also file manager