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majorma‧jor1 /ˈmeɪdʒə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL adjective 1 [usually before noun]SERIOUS SITUATION having very serious or worrying results OPP minor There is a major problem with parking in London. The loss of their goalkeeper through injury was a major setback for the team. He underwent major heart surgery recently. It could have sparked a major confrontation.see thesaurus at important, main2 [usually before noun]IMPORTANT very large or important, when compared to other things or people of a similar kind OPP minormajor role/part/factor etc Britain played a major role in the negotiations. There are two major political parties in the US. The government’s major concern is with preventing road accidents. Smoking is one of the major causes of cancer. the major developments in computer technology a major roadsee thesaurus at big3 [not before noun] American English spokenIMPORTANT very important This is major? You got me out of bed for this?4 APMa major key is based on a musical scale in which there are semitones between the third and fourth and the seventh and eighth notesminor a symphony in D major
Examples from the Corpus
majorAnother major advantage is the insight it is capable of yielding into the social and communicative norms of the community.The Spittal camp was round another major bend of the river, the last one, and not actually in sight.The film still had nominees in all other major categories, including acting, directing and writing.Smoking is a major cause of heart disease.Gang activity that was limited to major cities has now spilled over to towns and rural areas.Most major credit cards are accepted.The dollar rose against a basket of 10 major currencies tracked by Finex, a financial futures exchange.I thought we agreed to talk to each other before making any major decisions.It's the chief executive who makes all the major decisions.Tonight T-I again assured Dowty employees that there would be no major job losses.An experienced producer at a major London agency was recently asked to list them for the benefit of newcomers.Nuclear weapons are a major obstacle on the road to peace.Confidence is a major part of leadership.You have to grasp a major point.Heavy traffic is a major problem in most cities.I have to go on a major shopping trip before I start this job.All the world's major sporting events can be seen on HHS TV.She's had major surgery, but she's doing fine.Think carefully before you decide on such a major undertaking.major role/part/factor etcHowever, there will be environmental pressures on packaging and this is going to be a major factor.One major factor in causing seasonal variations in food supplies was the difficulty of storage.There is no doubt that they played a major part in maintaining interest in abolition and emancipation through different phases of antislavery.Anti-smoking activists are especially displeased that tobacco money will be playing a major part in the conventions.This aggressive religious interference in Sri Lanka is a major factor in the destabilisation of the country.Previously Warriors played a major role in the land war in the Gulf.In fact, Santorini is the major part of it.This leaves the east of the town, the heart of the City Challenge area, forming a major part of Middlesbrough.
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majormajor2 ●○○ noun [countable] 1 PMan officer of middle rank in the British or US army or Marines, or in the US air force drum major2 especially American EnglishSEC the main subject that a student studies at college or university Her major is history.3 American EnglishSEC someone studying a particular subject as their main subject at college or university She’s a history major.4 the majors
Examples from the Corpus
majorHe would be going on to college and a major in Romance languages after high school.One reason: a sharp drop in the number of undergraduate students choosing economics as a major.I'm changing my major to political science.Greg is a philosophy major.I think it made him think about the majors in a different way.All the majors and two of the mini-majors set up production subsidiaries in London.That said, Therapy?'s move from minor to major has reaped well-deserved rewards."What was your major?" "Political Science".
majormajor3 ●○○ verb major in something major on something→ See Verb tableFrom King Business Dictionarymajorma‧jor1 /ˈmeɪdʒə-ər/ adjective [only before a noun]1very large or important when compared with other companies, countries, activities etc of a similar kinda major New York banka meeting of the seven major industrialized nationsThe company is currently undergoing a major restructuring.2very seriousThe company’s major problem was its reliance on the big UK market.There are no major safety concerns with this product.majormajor2 noun [countable usually plural] a very important company in a particular industryThe majors are taking market share away from smaller companies.the Hollywood majorsthe Japanese oil majorsOrigin major1 (1200-1300) Latin larger, greater, from magnus large, great