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MadeiraMa‧dei‧ra /məˈdɪərə $ -ˈdɪrə/ noun [uncountable] DFDa strong sweet wine
Examples from the Corpus
MadeiraIt has a collection of the fish to be found in the waters around Madeira in the aquarium downstairs.Regardless, the next morning. brought Madeira into sight-and fresh barrels of wine into the hold.H.P. Miles had started the brewery in Madeira in 1872.Genoa was the home of Simon's company, and he owed his start in Madeira to Genoese money and skill.It is now planned to house the new University of Madeira in the quinta and its beautiful gardens.A very pleasant morning or afternoon excursion, whilst on holiday, is a visit to the Madeira wine lodges.Many of the famous liners of this century have visited Madeira at some time during their voyages.
Origin Madeira (1500-1600) Madeira, Portuguese island in the Atlantic, where the wine is made