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machineryma‧chin‧e‧ry /məˈʃiːnəri/ ●●○ W3 noun [uncountable] 1 MACHINEmachines, especially large onesagricultural/industrial/factory etc machinery The use of heavy machinery has damaged the site. a piece of machinery2 Pa system or set of processes for doing somethingmachinery of the machinery of governmentmachinery for (doing) something The company has no effective machinery for resolving disputes.3 MACHINEthe parts inside a machine that make it work Be careful not to get anything caught in the machinery.
Examples from the Corpus
machineryThey are vital for cleaning machinery tubes and spouts from vending machines and milk shake dispensers to full blown process machinery.I saw them passing enormous sheets of colored paper and cardboard through the sharp blade of humming, dangerous machinery.Washing-machines, and similar sorts of domestic machinery, are intended to save our time and labour.Employment in electrical machinery trebled, again increasing its share by half a million.a company that manufactures farm machineryfarm machineryWhat I object to is the craze for machinery, not machinery as such.Second-hand machinery was scattered around the yard with new parts and modifications arriving daily.Pressure on costs will lead to improvements in harvesting machinery and more sensitive use of cleaners.The package says you shouldn't drive or operate heavy machinery after taking these pills.Industrial machinery and electronic equipment lead the nation's export list.We've come to depend on labor-saving machinery.They had invested heavily in their branded products and in the machinery to make them.Loose clothing and jewelry can easily get caught in the machinery.the machinery of governmentagricultural/industrial/factory etc machineryThe social historian may he interested in changing modes of dress, or agricultural and industrial machinery.The defendants were subject to a fine of £100 for breach of statutory duty in failing to fence factory machinery.They attacked specific measures such as tariffs which forced up the price of agricultural machinery.There were more than 100 trade stands, including vast displays of sophisticated hi-tech agricultural machinery.He had the farm now, which had its uses, as well as the agricultural machinery business.In addition, a consultation fee of £4,000 was agreed between the agricultural machinery supplier for introducing the client and closing the sale.Look across the field and you can appreciate why space for storing vintage agricultural machinery on the farm has finally run out.machinery for (doing) somethingThe Pact did not provide any machinery for enforcement: it merely pledged the nations to outlaw war.This chapter has been concerned with the central machinery for making and executing the decisions of the Crown.For centuries, traditional windmills harnessed the wind to drive machinery for grinding wheat into flour.In two other respects certain Institutes developed important machinery for curriculum planning.Charles was an engineer who worked on the design of light machinery for a large company.The building will house new replacement machinery for the flocking equipment destroyed in the Dec. 11 blaze.The difficulty lies in the machinery for reporting incidents.
From King Business Dictionarymachineryma‧chin‧e‧ry /məˈʃiːnəri/ noun [uncountable]1MANUFACTURINGFARMINGequipment that uses power such as electricity or petrolagricultural machineryindustrial machinery heavy machinery office machinery2a system or set of processes for doing somethingthe machinery of government