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machinema‧chine1 /məˈʃiːn/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 MACHINEa piece of equipment with moving parts that uses power such as electricity to do a particular jobwashing/sewing etc machine Is the washing machine working now? Could you get me a coffee from the drinks machine? The fax machine is broken.switch/turn a machine on/off Turn the machine off before removing the machine The letters are sorted by machine. Did you put my dirty shirts in the machine (=washing machine)? I left a message for you on your machine (=telephone answering machine). The machine wouldn’t let me have any money (=cash machine). answering machine, cash machine, vending machine2 TDa computer My machine’s just crashed.3 PPGa group of people who control and organize something – often used to show disapproval the bureaucrats of the party machine the government’s propaganda machine the powerful American war machine4 TT informal a vehicle, especially a motorbike Riders have to learn to handle their machines in all conditions. That’s a mean machine (=very fast and attractive vehicle) you have there.5 WORK HARDa person or animal that does something very well or without having to think about it In the tiger, nature has produced the perfect hunting machine. I’m not a golfing machine. I make mistakes just like anyone else.6 someone who seems to behave like a machine and to have no feelings or thoughts SYN automaton7 a well-oiled machineCOLLOCATIONSverbsswitch on/turn on a machineTurn the machine on and slowly add the hot liquid.switch off/turn off a machineIs the tape machine switched off?operate/work a machineHave you been taught to operate the machine properly?use a machineCan you use the copy machine?a machine operates/worksThe machine works using solar power.install a machine (=put it somewhere and connect it so it can be used)300 new machines have been installed across the country.upgrade a machine (=add new and better parts to it or replace it with a better one)How much will it cost to upgrade the machine?types of machinea washing machine (=for washing clothes)Put your dirty clothes straight in the washing machine.a sewing machineCan I borrow your sewing machine to make some curtains?an answering machine (=for recording telephone messages)There’s a message on the answering machine.a coffee machine (=for providing cups of coffee)She was at the coffee machine last time I saw her.a vending machine (=for supplying drinks, chocolate bars etc)You can buy hot drinks from the vending machine in the corridor.a cash/ATM machine (=for giving you money from your bank account)I need to stop at a cash machine.a slot machine (=for putting coins in in order to try and win more money)The casino has 500 slot machines.a life-support machine (=for keeping a very sick person alive)He has been on a life-support machine since the accident. THESAURUSmachine a piece of equipment with moving parts that uses power such as electricity to do a particular joba washing machinean X-ray machineStaff are trained to operate the machine.appliance formal a machine or piece of electrical equipment, usually a large one, that people use in the homeThe store sells kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and toasters.We carry out repairs on a range of household appliances.device a piece of equipment, usually a small electronic one, that does a special jobelectronic listening devices50,000 people downloaded the music to computers or portable devices such as iPods.The device is fitted to the car and can detect stationary objects ahead.gadget a small, useful, and cleverly-designed tool or machinehigh-tech gadgetsHe buys all the latest gadgets.contraption a machine or piece of equipment that looks strange or complicatedThere was a bizarre contraption for polishing the floor.
Examples from the Corpus
machineYou need a machine with 64 kilobytes of memory to run the program.a machine that fills beer bottlesIce could be made in huge quantities by machine.Our soft-serve ice cream machine isn't working.True, the programme will not actually run the Duomatic machine, since this is a mechanical selection knitting machine rather than electronic.He's like an eating machine.The product range includes equipment for medical uses: eg a vehicle for children with spina bifida and portable kidney machines.I think there's something wrong with my machine -would you take a look at it?Nintendo is promising there will be five to 10 games available for the new machine initially.the party machinethe government's propaganda machineWhenever she calls and the machine is on, she hangs up.One cable was damaged, which was causing the machine to shut down frequently.It's possible to operate the machines by remote control.But perhaps the machine has taken over from the individual.Just hit that button to stop the machine.She took him to a pachinko parlor, a long narrow room full of people pressed against upright machines.There is a washing machine in the basement of the building.When it snows in Boston, residents litter the streets with old furniture, barrels and a rusty washing machine or two.The motors of the wave machine run day and night.washing/sewing etc machineDon't wash a down bag in a washing machine, but by hand in the bath tub.Dressmaking and sewing machines are totally foreign to many would-be kite flyers.When it snows in Boston, residents litter the streets with old furniture, barrels and a rusty washing machine or two.These qualities can be found in environment-friendly fridges and freezers, microwave or combination ovens, and energy saving washing machines.Behind Benjy, the washing machine gurgled as it changed cycles.Every night at bedtime I hide his hairbrush in his pillow and sometimes he hides my shoes in the washing machine.If I do another cardigan in this way I shall do two or even three lines on the sewing machine.Then the announcement that she had bought a used sewing machine.the party machineIt is easy to dismiss them as the strategic outpourings of a new recruit trying to impress the party machine.Others were content to wield power in the party machines rather than in the public eye.When Mr Michael Foot became leader, activists gained greater control of the party machine.This apparent weakening of trade-union domination of the party machine was, however, somewhat illusory.It places all the power in the hands of the party machine, which appoints the committee members.As the incumbent leader, Mrs Thatcher possessed the advantage of having the support of the party machine.He also understands the party machine, the smoke-filled rooms, the endless tortured resolutions and rule books.Telephone canvassing, postal votes, the party machine at Labour's Millbank headquarters had all the answers. mean machineVideo-Taped report follows Voice over It's called a bean machine ... more like a mean machine.
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machinemachine2 verb [transitive] 1 TIto fasten pieces of cloth together using a sewing machine2 Tto make or shape something using a machine
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Examples from the Corpus
machineFrom the foundry patterns for the pedestal down tO the fine machining, Taylor had presumably done it all.Stretching the lace as I sewed, I machined the lining to the lace with a multi-zig-zag stitch.
From King Business Dictionarymachinema‧chine1 /məˈʃiːn/ noun [countable] a piece of equipment that uses power such as electricity to do a particular taskLabour and machines are both at full capacity in the production department.We plan to upgrade all machines used for data input. answering machine automated teller machine cancellation machine cash machine client machine dictation machine fax machine franking machine vending machinemachinemachine2 verb [transitive]MANUFACTURING to make or shape something with a special machineSomething like 60 tools may be used to machine a single item.machining noun [uncountable]All scrap metal from machining processes at the factory is recycled.→ See Verb tableOrigin machine1 (1500-1600) Old French Latin machina, from Greek mechane, from mechos way of doing things