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lowlow1 /ləʊ $ loʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative lower, superlative lowest) 1 small amount/level/value a) LITTLE/NOT MUCHsmall, or smaller than usual, in amount, level, or value OPP highlow income/pay/wages families existing on very low incomes In May, the price of cocoa fell to its lowest level since 1975–76. Morale has been low since the latest round of job cuts. In this sort of investment, the risks are fairly low. low temperatures the need for low-cost housing a low-security prison b) low in somethingLITTLE/NOT MUCH having less than the usual amount of a substance or chemical OPP high food that is low in calorieslow-fat/low-salt etc low-alcohol beer c) in the low 20s/30s etcHMNLITTLE/NOT MUCH if a number, temperature, or level is in the low 20s, 30s etc, it is between 21 and 23,31 and 33 etc Tonight, temperatures in most areas will be in the low 50s.see thesaurus at cheap, small2 height a) LOWhaving a top that is not far above the ground OPP high a low wall a long low building b) LOWat a point that is not far above the ground or near the bottom of something OPP high low clouds The sun was low in the sky now. Store raw meat on the lowest shelf. c) LOWbelow the usual height OPP high a low bridge a low ceiling The river is very low today.3 standards/qualityGOOD ENOUGH bad, or below an acceptable or usual level or quality SYN poor OPP high Their safety standards seem to be pretty low. Cost-cutting has led to a lower quality of service. the children’s low achievement in school4 supplyLITTLE/NOT MUCH if you are low on something, or if your supply of something is low, there is not much of it leftbe/get/run low (on something) We’re running low on gas. Stocks are getting low.5 voice/sound a) QUIETnot loud I heard a low moaning noise. The volume is too low – turn it up. a low whisper b) not high a low notesee thesaurus at quiet 6 lightCCBRIGHT a light that is low is not bright SYN dim Use low lighting to give the room a romantic atmosphere.7 heatTMT if you cook something over a low heat or in a low oven, you cook it using only a small amount of heat OPP high8 batteryTPE a battery that is low does not have much power left in it9 clothesDCC a low dress, blouse etc does not cover your neck and the top of your chestlow-cut10 unhappy [not before noun]SAD/UNHAPPY unhappy and without much hope for the future SYN depressed He was feeling a bit low, so I did my best to cheer him up. Terry seems to be in rather low spirits today.lowness noun [uncountable] be at a low ebb at ebb1(2)THESAURUSvoices/sounds that are not highlow a low voice or sound is not high on the scale of musical soundsI can’t sing the low notes.He’s got quite a low singing voice.Boys’ voices usually become much lower as they get older.deep a deep voice or sound is low, strong, and pleasantHe has a lovely deep voice.The engine has a wonderfully deep sound to it, like it’s ready to race.husky a husky voice is deep, quiet, and rough-sounding, especially in a way that is attractiveMonroe sang 'Happy Birthday, Mr President’ in a slow husky voice.His voice dropped to a husky whisper.gravelly a gravelly voice is very low and rough soundingThe singer is famous for his gravelly voice.
Examples from the Corpus
lowIt's a good time to buy a computer, because prices are low.This kept my lower body warm, but I had to cover the rest of myself with a comforter.I'm going to trim some of the low branches.a low buildingHe's been on a low-cholesterol diet since his heart attack.low-cost housingCould resources be combined efficiently or different resources be used so that the same activities could be produced at lower costs?a low fenceThus the movement is striking at the early stages: nursery school, kindergarten, and the lower grades.A low humming noise was coming from the refrigerator.a low incomeFamilies struggling on low incomes can get help from the scheme provided at least one adult is working at least 24 hours a week.Low interest rates mean good news for home owners.It was a while before Samuel's eyes got used to the low lighting of the intensive care unit.For our anniversary, let's go to a restaurant with low lights and soft music.Gripping his stomach, he let out a low moan.I can't sing the low notes.Details of decorative paintwork were visible on his left side although only the lower portion of the work could be seen clearly.The Schaumburg, Illinois, company blamed the earnings decline on lower prices and slower sales.a low-risk investmenta low-salt dietI've been feeling pretty low since he left.He's got quite a low singing voice.Around 30 bikes were crashed, most at low speed.In the middle of the room was a low table.'Take care, ' he said in a low voice.Farm workers are complaining about long hours and low wages.It rejected, in somewhat scathing terms, the owners' proposals for a combination of longer hours and lower wages.be/get/run low (on something)The medical supplies were getting low.Asked about this, Mr Turney says it has happened now and then when a distributor ran low.Gina Smouse notes that by using low-fat evaporated milk and egg substitute, the fat content of the pudding will be lower.Others say the figure could be lower.The shoulder angle should be low.Their rates tend to be lower because they don't have to pay commission to middlemen.When supplies ran low inside, the air force dropped pallets of food and ammunition into the compound.It may be lower than the original investment.Sales are expected to be lower under this policy and are projected at $ 70,000,000.in ... low spiritsWhen in low spirits, seek gainful employment.
lowlow2 ●●● W1 adverb (comparative lower, superlative lowest) 1 LOWin or to a low position or level He bent low over the engine. She pulled her hat low down over her eyes. I had the radio on low.2 LOWnear the ground or the bottom of something That plane’s flying too low! There was a hole low down in the hedge.3 LOW SOUND OR VOICEif you play or sing musical notes low, you play or sing them with deep notes Sing those bars an octave lower.4 be brought low search/look high and low at high2(6), → lay somebody low at lay2(20), → lie low at lie1(7)
Examples from the Corpus
lowTurn lights down low.She sang low and sweetly.The sun sank low on the horizon.The plane flew low over the fields.We had to bend down low to get through the opening.If I were laid low tomorrow you wouldn't have to worry.Key questions the new trials aim to answer are: Should low yielding areas get more?
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lowlow3 ●○○ noun [countable] 1 PEBa low price, level, or value OPP highfall to/hit/reach etc a new low (=be worth less than ever before) The euro has fallen to a new low against the dollar. Public confidence in the legal system is at an all-time low (=much lower or worse than ever before).2 SERIOUS SITUATIONa very difficult time in someone’s personal or working lifehighs and lows (of something) (=good times and bad times) the highs and lows of an actor’s life3 a) TMTthe lowest point that the temperature reaches during a particular time OPP high The overnight low will be 8°C. b) HEMan area of low pressure in the air OPP high a low moving in over the Pacific4 the lowest of the low
Examples from the Corpus
lowA low is making its way over the Mid-Atlantic states.His celebrity status gave him access to the Hollywood highs - and lows.The Tide tables can not be relied on for precise highs and lows of the tides.Julia Knights reports on the highs and lows of harvest 2000.The official discount rate is at a historic low of 0. 50 percent.Confrderate hopes hit a new low.The overnight low will be 25° F.Its record low was 78. 19, set Sept. 2,1992.The market is also highly sensitive because trading volumes are running close to 10-year lows.all-time lowFrom where she sits, morale looks to be at an all-time low.Edward's affair and subsequent marriage to divorced Mrs Simpson had left the family's popularity at an all-time low.World cotton consumption was a record 86m bales, and the ratio of stocks to consumption was at an all-time low.But when she resisted the charms of Hollywood's legendary romeo it hit an all-time low.World Series prime-time ratings hit an all-time low.As we reported earlier, scores on these surveys had reached an all-time low.It hit its all-time low of 5.5 million tons in 1932.The stockmarket's all-time low, remember, was a little over 20,000, reached at the end of October 1990.highs and lows (of something)Tendency to mania; has highs and lows.This book follows young Pip through his life and into his mid thirties and shows his highs and lows.For Kip, highs and lows were tolerable.There are too many jagged edges to the Clinton experience, too many highs and lows.The Tide tables can not be relied on for precise highs and lows of the tides.The event had all the highs and lows of a record attempt.Julia Knights reports on the highs and lows of harvest 2000.
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lowlow4 verb [intransitive] literary TACif cattle low, they make a deep sound
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From King Business Dictionarylowlow1 /ləʊloʊ/ adjective1small, or smaller than usual, in amount, level, or degreeCity analysts have said the takeover offer is too low.It is vital to keep your overhead costs as low as possible.people on low incomesa mortgage at a low rate of interesta low-risk venturea policy of low inflation2below an acceptable standard or qualitySafety standards in the industry are much too low.Cost-cutting has led to a lower quality of service.3a supply of something that is low is nearly finishedStocks are getting low.lowlow2 noun [countable usually singular] a low price or levelIts shares fell to a low of 550p.Inflation is heading for an all-time low. historic lowOrigin low1 (1100-1200) Old Norse lagr low4 Old English hlowan