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lordlord1 /lɔːd $ lɔːrd/ noun 1 [countable] (also Lord)PGO a man who has a rank in the aristocracy, especially in Britain, or his titlelady Lord Salisbury2 [countable]SHCLASS IN SOCIETY a man in medieval Europe who was very powerful and owned a lot of land the feudal lords3 my lord4 somebody’s lord and master
Examples from the Corpus
lordLord TennysonDear lord, but it hurt.Dear lord, one word from that dreadful old woman, and she was undone.What he would do without Henry, lord knows.Life size models of the medieval lords, and a dramatic civil war battle scene, are just some of the attractions.Now, my lords, as to numbers.Louie bellowed out a roar that must have penetrated to not only Kitty upstairs but the lord too.The records tell us a little about the labourers employed by the lords.
lordlord2 verb lord it over somebody→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
lordBesides, some heads like to lord it over local parents - particularly over the pushy ones.They could democratize the royal professions that lord it over our health, education, welfare and criminal justice bureaucracies.The Methodists moved west from Baltimore to Kansas and lorded it over the border states.Most chaps in my time wouldn't dream of trying to lord it over their girl.If they want any patients, they must grovel before the family practitioners they previously lorded over.
Related topics: Officials
LordLord noun [singular] 1 a) a title of God or Jesus Christ, used when praying Thank you, Lord, for your blessings. b) the Lord God or Jesus Christ, used when talking about God The Lord helps and guides us.2 Lord (only) knows3 (Good) Lord!/Oh Lord!4 PGOthe title of someone who has a particular type of official job in Britain Lord Mayor of London5 the Lords6 Our Lord
Examples from the Corpus
LordThank the good Lord for that Aga, for its comfort.When we turn to the Gospel we encounter the disciples trying to understand the mission of our Lord.Grant them for ever the joy of your presence. Lord, in Your mercy Hear our prayer.The apostles and the communities of the faithful were driven by the Spirit, faith and the knowledge of the Risen Lord.One is said to be for the Lord and the other for Azazel.When a man prophesies, it is because the Spirit of the Lord comes upon him and communicates a message through him.
Origin lord1 Old English hlaford, from hlaf bread + weard keeper