From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloomloom1 /luːm/ ●○○ verb [intransitive] 1 [always + adverb/preposition]APPEAR to appear as a large unclear shape, especially in a threatening wayloom up/out/ahead etc Suddenly a mountain loomed up in front of them.2 SOONif a problem or difficulty looms, it is likely to happen very soon An economic crisis is looming on the horizon.3 loom large→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
loomThe two countries believe that a crisis is looming.And the spectre of money laundering looms.Directly behind him was a huge billboard with her picture looming big and brassy back at her.As the day of my interview loomed, I became increasingly nervous.The mountain loomed in front of us.We turned around, and after a few miles, an old building loomed into view.The human factor also looms large in Bamford's presentation of the agency's strengths and weaknesses.With the prospect of bankruptcy looming, life is getting tough for small businesses.Mont Blanc, sixty miles distant, loomed massively present.Congressional elections loom next year; after that, maneuvering will start for the next presidential election.In consequence, untold numbers of sailors died when their destinations suddenly loomed out of the sea and took them by surprise.A snow-covered hedge loomed up ahead of him and he made for the shelter of it.loom up/out/ahead etcFathers also feel great emotional changes as their priorities change and added financial require-ments loom ahead.The point is simply to flag problems that loom ahead.The House of Parliament loomed up and his heart began to thump.The apartment loomed up around him as a kind of blur.I feel it looming up behind me, breathing lightly on the nape of my neck.The goodwill died with the fire and black shapes loomed up out of the dark.As you descend, a mushroom-shaped structure looms up out of the murk.looming on the horizonSadly, when I was there war was not the only dark cloud looming on the horizon.The two disputes he mentioned pale in comparison with others looming on the horizon.Another kind of hazard was already looming on the horizon for the weaker peasant elements.
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loomloom2 noun [countable] TICa frame or machine on which thread is woven into cloth
Examples from the Corpus
loomKalchu finished weaving the last whitish length of woollen cloth to make a jacket and put his loom away.Its many alterations and additions reflect in stone and brick, the looms and busts at the woollen industry.The young man at the far end of the loom glanced at Maggie, and for an instant their eyes locked.They may have had a function in aiding the picking out of broken threads on the loom.
Origin loom1 (1500-1600) Origin unknown loom2 Old English geloma tool