long/regular/late etc hours

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong/regular/late etc hourslong/regular/late etc hoursWORK/DO WORKused to say how long someone works or does things every day, or when they work or do things the long hours worked by hospital doctors Many hospital staff have to work unsocial hours (=work in the evenings and weekends so that they cannot spend time with family or friends). She knew that he kept late hours (=stayed up late).work all the hours God sends (=work all the time that you can) hour
Examples from the Corpus
long/regular/late etc hoursIt meant long hours for the pilots, flight deck crews, repair crews and cooks.Instead he spent long hours alone, reading memoranda, and making check marks to indicate the recommendations that he ap-proved.A junior hospital doctor was telling Virginia Bottomley of the long hours he worked in casualty.We have acted to reduce the long hours worked by junior doctors in hospitals.These data are there for the asking, and they can provide a shortcut to long hours of interviews and observations.It provides leisure time, one of the prime goals for which most men work long hours and years.He had gone to Peterborough and worked long hours in a canning factory only so that he could own this bike.During the decline of hand-loom weaving, more and more families were brought under the necessity of working longer hours.