Word family noun liveliness living livelihood adjective live lively living liveable verb live outlive relive liven up adverb live
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlivelive1 /lɪv/ ●●● S1 W1 verb 1 in a place/home [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIVE SOMEWHERE if you live in a place, you have your home therelive in/at/near etc They lived in Holland for ten years. He lives just across the street from me. We live only a few miles from the coast. A rather odd family came to live next door to us. As soon as I saw the place, I knew I didn’t want to live there. Does Paul still live here? We’re still looking for somewhere to live. They’ve finally found a place to with My grandmother came to live with us when I was ten. Most seventeen-year-olds still live at home (=live with their parents). I’m quite happy living alone. The house has 3,600 square feet of living space (=the areas of a house you live in).live rough British English (=live outside because of having no home) I ran away from home and lived rough for nine months.2 plant/animal [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIVE SOMEWHERE a plant or animal that lives in a particular place grows there or has its home therelive in/on etc These particular birds live on only one island in the Pacific.3 at a particular time [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LIVING/ALIVE if you live at a particular time, you are alive thenlive before/in/at He lived in the eighteenth century. She lived at a time when women were not expected to work. Gladstone lived during a period of great social change.the best/greatest etc that/who ever lived (=the best, greatest etc who has been alive at any time) He’s probably the best journalist who ever lived.4 be/stay alive [intransitive]SURVIVE to be alive or be able to stay alive Without light, plants couldn’t live. He is extremely ill and not expected to live. The baby only lived a few hours. People on average are living much longer than before. I’ll never forget this for as long as I to (be) 80/90 etc/live to the age of 80/90 etc My grandmother lived to 85. She lived to the age of 79.have two weeks/six months etc to live He knows he’s only got a few months to live. He did not live to see (=live long enough to see) the realization of his dream.5 way of life [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]LIFE to have a particular type of life, or live in a particular waylive in peace/poverty etc The people in this country just want to live in peace. People should not live in fear of crime. We live in hope that a cure will be peacefully/quietly/happily etc The two communities live peacefully alongside each other. She thought that she would get married and live happily ever after (=like in a children’s story). Some people like to live dangerously. Most elderly people prefer to live independently if they can. They earn enough money to live well (=have plenty of food, clothes etc). I just want to live my life in my own way. He’s not well enough to live a normal a quiet/active/healthy etc life She lives a very busy life. He had chosen to live the life of a monk. She’s now in Hollywood living a life of by I have always tried to live by my faith (=according to my religion). We struggle on, living from day to day (=trying to find enough money each day to buy food etc). He was tired of living out of a suitcase (=spending a lot of time travelling). 6 earn a living [intransitive] the way that someone lives is the way that they earn money to buy food etc Fishing is the way their families have lived for by doing something They live by hunting and killing deer.7 exciting life [intransitive]EXCITED to have an exciting life She wanted to get out and live a little. We’re beginning to live at last!8 imagine something [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]IMAGINE to imagine that things are happening to youlive in He lives in a fantasy through She lived through her children’s lives. You must stop living in the past (=imagining that things from the past are still happening).9 be kept somewhere [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] British English informalKEEP/STORE the place where something lives is the place where it is kept Where do these cups live? Those big dishes live in the cupboard next to the fridge.10 still exist/have influence [intransitive]EFFECT/INFLUENCE if an idea lives, it continues to exist and influence people Democracy still lives! His name will live forever. That day will always live in my memory. 11 living quarters12 living expenses13 living arrangements14 live it up15 live by your wits16 live a lie17 be living on borrowed time18 live in sin19 live and breathe something20 you live and learn21 live and let live22 you haven’t lived (if/until ...)23 somebody will live to regret it24 live to see/fight another day25 live life to the full26 live high on the hog27 live from hand to mouth28 live the dream29 long live the King/Queen! etc30 long live democracy/freedom etcTHESAURUSlive to have your home somewhereHe lives with his parents.Where do you live?Do you like living in Tokyo?Jo lives next to a busy road.Judy lives in that nice house on the corner.How do you like living in the city again after so many years away from it?In 1905 Russell was living at 4 Ralston from/come from use this when talking about the country, city, or area where you usually liveMy name’s Sharon and I’m from Harlow.The man is believed to be from somewhere in the north of England.‘Where are you from?’ ‘I’m from Japan.’The winner came from Australia.inhabit if a group of people or animals inhabit an area, they live there – used especially in written descriptionsThe island is mainly inhabited by sheep.Some tribes still inhabit the more remote mountains and jungles of the country.reside formal to live in a particular country, city etcShe now resides in the US.Miss Badu grew up in Dallas but now resides in Brooklyn.At that time there were many American writers residing in Paris.Miss Tonelli, how exactly did you come to reside at your current address?The government bureau has prepared a booklet for US citizens residing abroad.grow up to live somewhere when you are a child or teenagerThis is the neighborhood where my father grew up.I grew up on a farm in South Africa. live something ↔ down live for something live in live off somebody/something live on live out live through something live together live up to something live with somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
liveAt 40, you really start to live!One of the victims has severe burns and is not expected to live.The baby was born with a serious heart defect and not expected to live.Also, it meant, because of the time it was given, having a bad headache if one wanted to live.Elvis lives.They lived abroad for several years but moved back when the children were school age.In 1905 Russell was living at 4 Ralston Street.Donald is 30 years old, but he still lives at home.Kim lives because I wish him to live.The will to live can be a vital factor in recovery.My father only lived for a few years after his heart attack.Cats normally live for about twelve years.How could I have been living here all my life and never really known it before?For poor blacks, without money to move, living in an inner-city ghetto can mean days without seeing a white face.Many students prefer to live in during their first year of study.Judy lives in that nice house on the corner.St. Patrick probably lived in the 5th century.How do you like living in the city again after so many years away from it?I lived in the Village and worked as a bookkeeper.Do you like living in Tokyo?He defines locality as the space within which the larger part of most citizens' daily working and consuming lives is lived.Those guys live like pigs.Females live longer on average than males.People living on the proposed site say their future is now more uncertain than ever.Our baby was in the intensive care unit, and we didn't know whether she would live or die.There were ten in the lifeboat, but only three lived to tell the tale.Plants can't live without in/at/near etcHe says they're substandard and unfit to be lived in.Steve Morgan lives in a converted warehouse.In the process, he alienated his wife and kids and began living in a motel room.He and his family lived in a three-story house near the Old Market, and they sublet the top floor to Langford.I was born in Oxford, even though my parents were living in London.He lives in Stepney - the Stavangers have always lived in Stepney.Discussion prevalence Of the many surveys of prevalence of urinary incontinence few report only on people living in their own homes.All that five thousand kids lived in those five thousand houses, owned by those guys that got off the in/on etcMany say the spirit of the march lives on and continues to sustain activism at a local level.The Independent Living Fund has proved a great success in giving severely disabled people an opportunity to live in the community.The first house they lived in, in Des Moines turned out to be just the first of many.The people who were evacuated live on islands in the Zambezi.But to live in modernity is to experience it as home.Once I was born we lived in New Zealand for about two years.Witches always lived on the edges of things.Many who live in the unincorporated metro-area come here to escape the hassles of urban before/in/atCrazy is living in a fog and pissing your pants.His widow, Cheryl, lives in Houston.They live in L A.. Their father is the editor of a motorcycle magazine.The highest concentrations of divorced people living with parents are to be found among men whose parents live in local authority accommodation.You couldn't live in peace, playing adventures all day long, undisturbed by the real world.Dear Ursula: I've been sort of dating a guy who lives in Sacramento.Put another way, it can not address problems of places and ignore the hardships of people who live in those ... longerPeople are living longer, and costing the state more in the final years of their lives.Today, people are living longer and healthier lives.The reason is that people are living longer and medical treatment is more complicated and therefore more costly.What makes this alarming is that we are all living longer and retiring earlier.One reason for this is that mentally handicapped people are living longer, and this is balancing out the reduction in admissions.But apart from these, people are living longer than ever before.And today's generation is living longer than previous generations.Firstly people are living longer, there is low infant mortality, but the average age of the population is rising as in peace/poverty etcWe remember the past as something bitter, but we are going to create conditions for two communities to live in peace.Will these peoples continue to live in poverty and disease, or will they be brought up to modern standards of living?Or, more to the point, how they could live in peace and make money.Women are more likely than men to live in poverty and to face violence in our own homes.Families living in poverty in Britain are suffering higher rates of serious health problems.He has certain guarantees to live in peace in Cuernavaca.With a third of the country living in poverty, most women have to work to support their families.Literally millions of elderly people live in poverty or in near-poverty through no fault of their by doing somethingWalt lives by collecting and selling aluminum cans and other stuff he finds on the throughHis new book is a collection of essays and fiction by writers who lived through the Great foreverAll of a sudden you want to live for ever.As long as he could avoid this seasonal parasite, he would live for ever.I never intend to die but to carry on and live for ever!If anyone eats of this bread, they will live for ever.If so, you could say that a bacterium can live for ever by dividing itself into infinity.In an arena where most bands are denied even their 15 minutes of fame, Whyte wants to live for ever.Tom Glover suddenly felt like he was going to live for ever.You feel you are going to live for ever until you fall in love.
livelive2 /laɪv/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 living [only before noun]LIVING/ALIVE not dead or artificial SYN living OPP dead experiments on live animals Protesters want to stop the export of live sheep and cattle. the number of live births per 1,000 population We were so excited to see real live elephants.2 TCBtv/radioTIME/AT THE SAME TIME a live television or radio programme is seen or heard on television or radio at the same time as it is actually happening OPP prerecorded a live radio phone-in show There will be live TV coverage of tonight’s big match.3 APmusic/theatreTIME/AT THE SAME TIME a live performance is one in which the entertainer performs for people who are watching, rather than for a film, record etc A lot of the bars have live music. The band will be giving a live concert performance next week. We’ll be playing you a track from his new live album (=album that was recorded from a live performance). It’s always different when you perform in front of a live audience (=an audience watching a live performance).4 electricityTEE a wire or piece of equipment that is live has electricity flowing through it Be careful – those wires are live.5 bombsPMW a live bomb still has the power to explode because it has not been used They came across a field of live, unexploded mines. 6 bullets live bullets are real ones that are made of metal and can kill people OPP blank Troops fired live ammunition to disperse the crowd.7 STILLissue a live subject or problem is one that still interests or worries people Drink-driving is still very much a live issue.8 live coals9 DFyoghurt live yoghurt contains bacteria that are still alive
Examples from the Corpus
livelive ammunitionThey are campaigning against experiments on live animals.It features carnival rides, live bands and a dance pavilion along with booths for food, arts and crafts.Moreover, the live food that all fish are particularly fond of is worms.Styx A fun pub with entertainment ranging from disco and live music, to pianist and cabaret.Experts figure it is more than 1,000 years old and one of the largest live oaks in the United States.The live performance for me right now is about being present.From this unique contraption, Hart will oversee the live performances.real liveSeeing real live animals in a zoo is much more exciting that just watching them on television.But hate crimes take place in a real live community, and people need to be aware of that.To actually see crabs scuttling across the floor and live sponges and even real live fish was astonishing.Later rather than sooner a real live girl deals with your call in person.I've never met a real live movie star before!In the Hollywood Canteen, where GIs and gobs were served by real live movie stars, he was in uniform.Gordon Beamish was a real live optician.Her relations with the real live Patrick were exactly as before.She's a real live wire. musicNot that I have had much opportunity to appreciate live music.We are also very sorry to all clubs and venues omitted from our mammoth listing of live music.With that gesture began a long day of live music by every Stax artist to raise money for the Watts Summer Festival.There is often live music in the bars and the discos are quite lively.Think live music is something only the wealthy can enjoy?Adding to the overall charm, there is often live music played on the promenade.Styx A fun pub with entertainment ranging from disco and live music, to pianist and ammunitionActual conditions of warfare were simulated in training, with plenty of exposure to live ammunition.He'd have been kicked out of here if it wasn't obvious that he'd actually used live ammunition.When arrested, he was found to be in possession of a small-calibre handgun and several rounds of live ammunition.One of the machine guns had live ammunition attached to it.Leipzigers feared live ammunition could be used.As the situation worsened more border police entered the area and began firing live ammunition into the crowd.The live ammunition that I experienced was not officially sanctioned as being hazardous enough to be included.Policemen who were stoned by the crowd used live ammunition to disperse it, killing at least one issueThat question can be left for a future occasion when it gives rise to a live issue.The relationship between the two ways of being was, however, always a live issue.It is very much a live issue and is progressing well.And she is honorary secretary of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors, which also tackles live issues in the area.In considering the right to live issue, there is a tendency to fight shy of the emotive word of murder.
livelive3 /laɪv/ ●●○ adverb 1 TIME/AT THE SAME TIMEif something is broadcast live, it is broadcast on television or radio as it is actually happeningprerecorded The ceremony will be broadcast live on television. The match will be shown live by the BBC.2 TIME/AT THE SAME TIMEif people perform live, they perform in front of people who have come to watch, rather than for a film, record etc I love their music, but I’ve never seen them perform live. The band is playing live in Birmingham tonight. Their latest CD was recorded live (=recorded at a live performance) in New York.3 go live
Examples from the Corpus
liveAll Saints topped the chart with Pure Shores, closely followed by two artists who played live in Ireland last year.broadcast liveMore television work came with an episode of Emergency Ward 10, then broadcast live.When these pictures were broadcast live across international television screens, it was obvious that the issue was misogyny, not theology.A commentary of the day's activities will be broadcast live across North Staffordshire by Hospital Radio.The programme will be broadcast live from Banbury School in Oxfordshire.Capital Radio's Kid Jensen will broadcast live from the ship while it is in London.The session started early and finished late, and was broadcast live on all cable news channels.Sky will broadcast live Premier League matches on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.At the same time a reforestation telethon will be broadcast live via satellite and by radio around the world.perform liveI would never take on an act who couldn't perform live.As well as her own projects, she has in recent years performed live and on record with her husband Wallace Roney.I saw Sade perform live for charity at the weekend.So performing live in the Land of Song for the first time was an emotional experience for Kylie and her relatives.
Origin live1 Old English libban live2 (1500-1600) alive