Word family noun literature literacyilliteracy illiterate literati adjective literary literateilliterate
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishliteraturelit‧e‧ra‧ture /ˈlɪtərətʃə $ -tʃʊr/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [uncountable] 1 ALbooks, plays, poems etc that people think are important and good He has read many of the major works of literature. Italian literaturesee thesaurus at book2 TCNall the books, articles etc on a particular subjectliterature on literature on the history of sciencein the literature Several cases of mercury poisoning have been recorded in the literature.3 INFORMATIONprinted information produced by people who want to sell you something or tell you about something sales literature
Examples from the Corpus
literature"The Sun Also Rises" is a classic of American literature.The romantic thread, developed primarily through art and literature, idealizes family relationships.She is a professor of language and literature at Arizona State University.Mitterrand's oratory and writings displayed a wide grasp of history, philosophy, religion and literature.a master's degree in Asian literatureShe's studying European literature at the University of Illinois.the Nobel Prize for LiteratureThese were present in literature and art as well as in medicine.I teach Japanese literature.medical literatureLike most modern literature, the new narrative reflects the ontological uncertainty of contemporary man.Income tax guidebooks are the ultimate in obligation literature.Some researchers have argued that hypotheses are formulated before the review of literature formally begins.The struggle produced at least two first-rate publications in the field of political literature.Where needed the Police are supplying road safety literature, advice and instruction.We want people who have read some of literatureOur terms of reference suggested that we should consider drama in the context of the great dramatic works of literature.Barthes managed to leave the great works of literature intact.Pupils use drama to gain insights into moral and social issues in works of literature.At the same time it also illustrates the practical purpose narrative theory may have for the reading of individual works of literature.During this period concordances to many major works of literature were produced by computer, but published in traditional hard the literatureThe three E's audit in the public sector receives most attention in the literature.More difficult to specify is product design though many examples are cited in the literature.Strangely enough, this question has not received intensive consideration in the literature of any major discipline.Let us now turn to one of the definitions most favoured in the literature, albeit mostly in an implicit form.Thus Ahuja's book is the very first in the literature devoted to the evaluation of impurities in drugs.This master curve is typical of those obtained on a number of amorphous polymers and to be found in the literature.Very frequently in the literature earlier discussions about sign language universality are described as myths or misconceptions.Glycoproteins by R. C. Hughes also fills a definite gap in the literature.
From King Business Dictionaryliteraturelit‧e‧ra‧ture /ˈlɪtərətʃə-tʃʊr/ noun [uncountable]1MARKETINGinformation about a product, company etcThe figure quoted in the sales literature is frankly optimistic.advertising literature2books, articles, etc that give information about a particular subjectmanagement literatureOrigin literature (1300-1400) Old French Latin litteratura, from litteratus; LITERATE