From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlistlist1 /lɪst/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 LISTa set of names, numbers etc, usually written one below the other, for example so that you can remember or check themlist of Make a list of all the things you have to do.on/in a list The first person on my list is Mrs Gilling.2 be high/low on a list (of something) Civil List, → be on the danger list at danger(5)COLLOCATIONSverbsmake/draw up/write a listCould you make a list of any supplies we need?compile a list formal (=write a list)They’ve compiled a list of children’s clubs and organizations.put somebody/something on a listI was put on a waiting list to see a specialist at the a list (=be the first thing in a list)The novel topped the best-seller list.phrasesat the top/bottom of a listHer name was at the top of the list of students.first/last on a listYour name will be first on my list.Why am I always last on the list?ADJECTIVES/NOUN + listlong/shortHe read out a long list of errors.a complete/full/comprehensive listThe full list of winners is on page seven.a price listWe’ll send you a catalog and price list.a shopping list (=a list of things you want to buy)a Christmas shopping lista grocery list American English (=a list of food you want to buy)Did you put milk on the grocery list?a wine list (=a list of wines available in a restaurant)a good wine lista waiting list (=a list of people who are waiting for something)If you don’t get the class you want, you can put your name on a waiting list.a mailing list (=a list of people that a company sends information to)If you do not want to be on our mailing list, please tick the box below.a guest list (=a list of people invited somewhere)the guest list for the wedding receptiona to-do list (=a list of things you must do)Painting the bedroom is at the top of my to-do list.a hit list (=a list of people, organizations etc that someone wants to harm or stop) THESAURUSlist a set of names, places, jobs you need to do etc, which are written one below the otherHenry’s name wasn’t on the list. She made a list of the people she wanted to invite to the wedding.Could I have a list of hotels in Bournemouth and the surrounding area?I forgot to bring my shopping list with me.checklist a list of things you need or things you have to do which you keep in order to help you remember themUse a checklist when visiting properties to buy, so that you keep a record of which features you liked and didn’t like.I made a checklist of things I needed to do before the holiday.short list/shortlist a list of the most suitable people for a job or prize, chosen from a larger group of peopleHer name is on the shortlist for the Booker Prize.You were lucky to even get onto the shortlist.A shortlist is drawn up, from which the successful candidate will be chosen.register an official list containing the names of all the people, organizations, or things of a particular typea register of qualified translatorsa civil register of births, deaths, and marriagesMake sure your name is on the electoral register (=the official list of people who can vote).programme British English, program American English a list of all the activities or events that have been planned, especially one that shows when each event will happenFirst on the programme is a speech by the organizer, Mrs Jenkins.A spectacular program of exhibitions, displays and competitions has been planned.Because of bad weather, our programme of events has had to be changed slightly.agenda a list of the subjects that will be discussed at a meetingHave you got a copy of the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting?the next item on the agendaThe fuel crisis will be at the top of the agenda for today’s board meeting.index an alphabetical list of names and subjects at the back of a book, that shows which page they are mentioned onIt’s a lot quicker if you use the index.I looked up his name in the index.inventory a list of everything in a house, factory, or shop, written so that you know exactly what is thereSome of the things in the shop were not listed in the inventory.The company keeps a full inventory of its equipment. | make an inventoryShe made an inventory of everything in the apartment.
Examples from the Corpus
listCould I have a list of hotels in Bournemouth and the surrounding area?I made a list of all the things I had to do that day.I drew up a list of all the jobs I had to do in the house.A list of competitors will be posted on the main notice alphabetical list of studentsThe stonework around the bay windows was crumbling and the upper front bay had developed a distinct list.This is the guest list for the wedding.The county is expanding its list of stores and outlets where the public can buy sandbags and sand, if needed.So far, Gomez says, his Web site has produced more names to add to mailing lists than actual customers.Subscribers indicate the areas in which they are interested and the relevant lists are sent each month.I forgot to bring my shopping list with me.I feel a shade disappointed that the small but promising mysteries of the shopping list have yielded up such a homely creature.What follows is the list of goals for salt reduction for our typical dieter.Sarah's name had been crossed off the list of candidates.Henry's name wasn't on the list.The lists of poems presented... offer a wide choice for each grade.I'm afraid the English course is already full, and there is a waiting list.Initial comparisons Four trees were constructed from the same word lists, and candidate strings from a test sentence checked against them.list ofMake a list of the things you have to do.
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listlist2 ●●● S2 W3 verb 1 [transitive]LIST to write a list, or mention things one after the other The guidebook lists 1,000 hotels and restaurants.2 [transitive] to put someone on an official list, especially a hospital or court listlist somebody in fair/stable etc condition Several passengers were listed in critical condition. The case was listed for trial in the Crown Court.3 [intransitive]TTW if a ship lists, it leans to one side
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Examples from the Corpus
listPtolemy compiled a star catalogue in which he listed 48 constellations.Parish Churches Norman work surviving among these is too numerous to list.a useful booklet, listing all the colleges that take part-time studentsA teacher volunteers and works the staff through a brainstorming session, listing all the issues that they feel should be discussed.The books are listed alphabetically, according to the name of the author.Some of the most straight forward of these are listed at the end of this book.He listed how many of those people were working feverishly on space.These should be available from most good component suppliers and are certainly listed in the Maplin catalogue.A new 30-page Hong Kong guide lists more than 100 budget hotels.Chapman lists rugby as one of his hobbies.The ballots sent to 2,987 property owners list the two separate assessments.Cer-tain rosaries are listed without mysteries.
From King Business Dictionarylistlist1 /lɪst/ noun [countable] a set of items such as figures, names etc that belong to a particular group, written down one after the otherdetailed lists of proposed prices see also blacklist, checklist focus list hit list mailing list shopping list watch listlistlist2 verb1[transitive] to put items such as figures, names etc together in a groupThe names and addresses of these bureaux are listed in Appendix I. see also blacklist2[transitive]FINANCE to make stocks and shares officially available on a stockmarketIt plans to list 29% of its stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.3[intransitive, transitive] American English if something is listed at a particular amount or lists for a particular amount, that is the price asked for itThe house had been listed at just under $4 million.The basic model lists for $28,045.→ See Verb tableOrigin list1 (1500-1600) French liste, from Italian lista list2 1. (1600-1700) LIST12. (1600-1700) Origin unknown.