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lilylil‧y /ˈlɪli/ noun (plural lilies) [countable] lily.jpg HBPone of several types of plant with large bell-shaped flowers of various colours, especially white gild the lily at gild(3), → water lily
Examples from the Corpus
lilyThe first impression is of pink phlox, purple loosestrife, clematis, pelargoniums, roses and day lilies.Mrs Hopsbaum wants day lilies all over everything.Florists sell more lilies than any other flower for Easter.Daffodils, hyacinths, bluebells and many species of lily also contain toxins.For example, to prepare lilies of the valley for pressing, you must remove each bell and press it individually.I need to clear a narrow path through the rushes and also through the lilies that border the margins.Something important, still nebulous, about Solomon in all his glory versus the lilies of the field.One day she cut down twelve lilies in the garden, and her innocent action turned her brothers into ravens.
Origin lily (900-1000) Latin lilium