From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlibraryli‧bra‧ry /ˈlaɪbrəri, -bri $ -breri/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural libraries) [countable] 1 DHHSEa room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowedbookshop a public libraryschool/college/university library a library book library staff2 Da group of books, CDs etc, collected by one person3 a room in a large house where books are kept4 TCNa set of books, CDs, videos etc that are produced by the same company and have the same general appearance a library of modern classics5 library pictures/footageCOLLOCATIONSverbsgo to/visit the libraryI need to go to the library to return some books.use the libraryYou can use the library before or after school.borrow something from the library/take something out of the libraryBooks, CDs, DVDs, and magazines can be borrowed from the library.return something to the library/take something back to the libraryHave you taken those books back to the library?check something out of the library American English (=borrow a book etc from the library)You can check out up to ten books from the library.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + library a public library (=a library that is supported by government money)Our public libraries need more support.a school/university/college libraryShe was studying at the college library.a local libraryThis information is available at your local library.a lending library (=one that lends books)Lending libraries became increasingly popular in Victorian times.a reference library (=one that does not lend books, so that you must read them there)The reference library contains a collection of documents relating to slavery.a research library (=one that is good for doing research)The university has one of the best research libraries in the world.a branch library (=a small library that is controlled by a larger library)There is a good children's section in the branch library.a mobile library British English (=a small library inside a vehicle)A mobile library visits the village once a week.library + NOUNa library bookShe's gone into town to change her library books.a library card (=a card that proves you are a member of a library and can borrow books)When you join the library, you will be issued with a library card.a library userLibrary users have been protesting against plans to close the local library.the library staffIf you have problems finding a book, ask a member of the library staff.library servicesPublic library services are threatened by budget cuts.a library catalogueStudents need to be taught how to use the computerized library catalogue.
Examples from the Corpus
librarylibrary booksHer father's large library of travellers' tales was her mental furniture.The men dumped the mini outside Great Missenden library.All four heads took the unprompted view that there was a desperate need for professional library staff in secondary schools.Napier alumni qualify for reduced membership rates at the university's libraries.Mildly cheered by this glimmer of light in the midst of nightmare, she made her way down to the library.It will also find its way on to the shelves of most major university libraryI took up a position in a university library after a career break.Examples of purposeful and pleasurable uses of print should be displayed in classrooms, foyers and school libraries.Reproduced by permission of the Syndics of Cambridge University Library.Further discussion of this is made in the chapter on school library user education.She also volunteered to work in the school library and made it clear that she planned to be an involved parent.In the school library, Prestel can be seen as part of the total information and learning environment.The Avon Papers are now available for study by research workers on application to the University Library.
Origin library (1300-1400) Medieval Latin librarium, from Latin liber book