Word family noun liberal liberalism liberalization adjective liberal verb liberalize adverb liberally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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liberalismlib‧e‧ral‧is‧m /ˈlɪbərəlɪzəm/ AWL noun [uncountable] PPliberal opinions and principles, especially on social and political subjects OPP conservatism
Examples from the Corpus
liberalismWhat is needed is not a liberalism that merely responds in dusty fashion, which is to say, the reactionary left.Personnel changes confirmed the new liberalism in the Soviet Union and the attempt to break links with past behaviour.His secular, rationalist sensibilities created an ideal of liberalism based on the individual pursuit of self-interest.Only liberalism can deliver us from isolation.In his column, he was using San Francisco as a stand-in for an even easier target: liberalism.The conservative critique along such lines argues that liberalism is morally bankrupt.As well as being a cry for security, however, it is also an assumption that liberalism has failed.Luck had it that liberalism, or neo-liberalism, has since come into vogue.