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left-wingˌleft-ˈwing ●○○ adjective PPGa left-wing person or group supports the political aims of groups such as Socialists and Communists OPP right-wing a left-wing newspaper a left-wing political organization She’s got very left-wing views.left wing noun [singular] the left wing of the Labour partyleft-winger noun [countable] She is supported by left-wingers in the party.
Examples from the Corpus
left-wingEven among left-wing clergy the idea of endowing one man with absolute power is abhorrent.Certainly Mosley's constant harping on the theme of left-wing intimidation was a fairly effective recruiting ploy throughout the 1930s.And great big chunks of the current Libertarian Party movement contain a horde of former left-wing nuts who are now Libertarian nuts.A lot of colleagues were put off by her left-wing opinions.Another approach is to group together the readers of various right-wing papers and contrast them with readers of left-wing papers.Some of its leaders fear a revival of left-wing parties waving the banner of social justice.a left-wing politicianDespite the presence of some 37,000 police in the capital, left-wing radicals attempted to disrupt the coronation.On the face of it, such activity would seem to be more expressive of right-wing rather than left-wing sentiments.