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leatherleath‧er /ˈleðə $ -ər/ ●●● W3 noun 1 HBATIM[uncountable] animal skin that has been treated to preserve it, and is used for making shoes, bags etc The inside of the bag was lined with soft leather. elegant leather boots2 leathers run/go hell for leather at hell1(27)
Examples from the Corpus
leatherAmelia, in boots, breeks, and leather jacket is smiling into the distance.Chemists, grocers, clothing, footwear and leather shops say that sales improved significantly compared with a year ago.He would wear his black leather jacket at Elinor's funeral.The belt is made of fine calfskin leather.Half way through our second drink he attacked like a hawk, the cavernous leather sofa almost swallowing me.Small, swarthy men, no higher than his chest-bone, dressed in leather jerkins and leggings.The puppets are made of leather and have fibre glass feet.a pair of leather glovesWith soft leather upholstery and the careful design that typifies Toyotas, the interior is a comfortable place to be.
Origin leather Old English lether