Word family noun lead leader leadership adjective lead leading verb lead
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishleaderlead‧er /ˈliːdə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable] 1 in controlLEADER the person who directs or controls a group, organization, country etcrulerleader of the leader of the local black communityparty/union/government/opposition etc leaderpolitical/military/religious leader the largest ever gathering of world leaders (=people who are in charge of countries)natural/born leader (=someone who naturally has all the qualities needed to be a leader) His air of confidence makes him a natural leader.2 competitionWIN the person or group that is in front of all the others in a race or competition County Championship leaders of Hampshire3 product/company the product or company that is the best or most successfulleader in a world leader in defence and space electronics These products are firmly established as the market leaders.4 newspaper British EnglishTCN a piece of writing in a newspaper giving the paper’s opinion on a subject SYN editorial ‘The Times’ leader column5 musician British EnglishAPM the main violin player in an orchestra SYN concertmaster American English 6 musical director American EnglishAPM someone who directs the playing of a musical group SYN conductor British English7 tape technicalAPM the part at the beginning of a film or recording tape which has nothing on it8 branch technicalHBP a long thin branch that grows from the stem of a bush or tree beyond other branchesCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + leader a political leaderHe became the country’s most influential political leader.a military leaderThe country’s military leader had seized power in a coup.a religious/spiritual leaderThe Pope is the Roman Catholics’ spiritual leader.a natural leader/a born leader (=someone who naturally has all the qualities needed to be a leader)He has the confidence of a born leader.a strong/weak leaderShe’s a strong leader and an intelligent woman.a good/effective leaderWhat characteristics make a good leader?a charismatic leader (=who people greatly admire and want to follow)Martin Luther King, one of the most charismatic leaders of the Civil Rights movementa world leader (=someone who is in charge of a country)The president and other world leaders are meeting to discuss the environment.a party leaderBrown was quickly chosen as the party leader.a government leaderHe was the first EU government leader to visit the newly elected US president.an opposition leaderThe opposition leader accused the government of not being able to control unemployment.the Conservative/Liberal Democrat/Socialist etc leader (=leader of a political party)the Conservative leader, David Camerona union/business leaderBusiness leaders welcomed a cut in the interest rate.a team/group/project etc leaderAsk your team leader for advice.verbschoose a leader/choose somebody as leaderThe party is meeting to choose a new leader.elect a leader/elect somebody as leaderHe was elected leader of his country by a huge majority.appoint a leader (=officially announce that someone is leader)Green was appointed deputy leader. THESAURUSleader the person who directs or controls a group, organization, country etcParty members will vote next week to elect a new leader.leaders of developing nations from around the worldruler someone, such as a king or queen or a military leader, who has official power over a country or areaSheik Mohammed, ruler of DubaiArgentina’s former military rulershead of state someone who leads a country or stateTwenty-one heads of state will meet at the annual World Trade summit. figurehead someone who is seen as the leader of a country or organization, although he or she does not have any real powerthe Queen’s role as a national figurehead There are advantages in having a respected personality as a figurehead for the organisation.ringleader someone who leads a group that is doing something illegal or wrongThe alleged ringleaders of the gang have been arrested.the ringleaders of the airplane bomb plot
Examples from the Corpus
leadera band leaderThe report has raised strong opposition from radical black leaders.Peter was a born leader, and his chairmanship of the WWF could not have been more effective.So far, business leaders have been encouraged by the government's economic policy.The Detroit Tigers are now the American League division leaders.Three members of the 'Hells Angels' group were convicted of the murder of a rival gang leader.12,000 party members will vote next week to elect a new leader.To function effectively, a party leader has to be attentive to people's needs.our national political leadersa Boy Scout leaderthe leader of the Communist partyThe leader of the opposition has demanded an early election.The leaders of the rebel movement have been arrested.World leaders are meeting in Geneva today to consider the peace plan.leader ofThe leader of the revolt was Antonio Miranda.leader ina leader in the field of genetic research
From King Business Dictionaryleaderlead‧er /ˈliːdə-ər/ noun [countable]1the person who directs or controls a team, organization, country etcHe was accompanied on the trip by the chairmen of the three major US-auto makers and 18 other business leaders.2MARKETING a product, service, or company that is the most important or successful of its type brand leader category leader cost leader industry leader market leader price leader see also loss leader