From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_196_blayerlay‧er1 /ˈleɪə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W3 AWL noun [countable] 1 COVERan amount or piece of a material or substance that covers a surface or that is between two other thingslayer of A thick layer of dust lay on the furniture. The moon was shining through a thin layer of cloud. He pulled off layer upon layer of clothing (=many layers of clothing).in layers Arrange the peppers, garlic and tomatoes in layers. ozone layer2 one of several different levels in a complicated organization, system, set of ideas etclayer of We are operating with fewer layers of management. There are multiple layers of meaning in the story. the multi-layered nature of organizations (=they have many layers)
Examples from the Corpus
layerBetween the tank and the platform is a layer of tar paper to prevent the Tanalith from rusting the steel.Sprinkle a layer of soil over the seeds.A layer of dust covered everything in the room.Pack claw and body meat in alternate layers in small fire-proof pots.Like the rust on a junkyard car, that boundary layer could get only so thick.David Couper has eliminated the deputy chief layer between him and his captains.Yet back in the primary visual cortex, the fourth layer is the most impressive of all.Most of the food we buy has at least one layer of plastic incorporated in its packaging.This 600 watt machined removed three layers of old paint from a veneered cabinet in minutes.layer oflayers of bureaucracya layer of volcanic rockThere are many layers of meaning to be discovered in the poem.Several layers of clothing are warmer than one thick layer.Separate the layers of cookies with wax paper.The road was covered by a thin layer of ice.
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layerlayer2 AWL verb [transitive] 1 COVERto make a layer of something or put something down in layers Layer the raw sliced vegetables in a shallow baking dish.2 DCBto cut someone’s hair so that the hair on top is in shorter lengths than the lower hair I have layered, shoulder-length brown hair.
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Examples from the Corpus
layerWith a maximum depth of 50 m and little opportunity for wind-stirring, the lake waters are strongly layered.Then for another song we layered and layered an E-Bow.Use half the cream to layer the sponges.The cliffs are layered with fossil remains.
From King Business Dictionarylayerlay‧er /ˈleɪə-ər/ noun [countable]HUMAN RESOURCES one of the levels in an organizationWe are operating with fewer layers of management. marzipan layerOrigin layer1 (1300-1400) LAY1 + -er