law and order

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaw and orderlaw and orderSCCONTROLa situation in which people respect the law, and crime is controlled by the police, the prison system etc We are concerned about the breakdown of law and order in the country. law
Examples from the Corpus
law and orderIt arises from the need to maintain law and order.Neighborhood leaders are working with police to maintain law and order.Indeed, it would represent a complete breakdown, not just of law and order, but of all civilised values.I have tried to show the real gap between Labour and the Conservative party and Government on matters of law and order.His party claims to be the party of law and order, the family, back to basics.The hon. Gentleman again raised the question of law and order.Sentencing policies, as a result of law and order campaigns mean the prisoners are younger and more likely to be black.Periodic law and order - it's elementary!The new government is gradually restoring law and order.My hon. and learned Friend will be glad to welcome the 16.7 percent. increase for the law and order programme.