From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlandscapeland‧scape1 /ˈlændskeɪp/ ●●● W3 noun 1 [countable]COUNTRYSIDE an area of countryside or land of a particular type, used especially when talking about its appearance the beauty of the New England landscaperural/industrial/urban etc landscapesee thesaurus at country2 [countable]PICTURE a picture showing an area of countryside or land English landscape artists3 the political/social landscape4 [uncountable]TCN a way of printing a document in which the long sides are horizontal and the short sides are verticalportrait a blot on the landscape at blot2(2)
Examples from the Corpus
landscapeLandscape, in a blend of Eastern and Western styles, is his main subject.After another mile, Chapel-le-Dale is reached, an oasis of greenery in a bleak landscape.Constable is probably England's most famous landscape artist.Adams is best know for his landscapes of Yosemite National Park."What kind of photographs do you take?" "Mostly landscapes, and some portraits."the rugged landscape of the WestYet even here the actual extent to which the rural landscape was altered is considerably less than we might suppose.The island's landscape is similar to Hawaii's.The construction of dams has changed the character of the landscape.The landscape itself indicates the extent of the danger.The landscape of parliamentary enclosure at Oare on Exmoor urban landscape of glittering modern buildingsThe ecology movement often works best in behalf of winsome landscapes and wildlife.rural/industrial/urban etc landscapeAbove the desk hung a rural landscape which I was able to recognize as the work of Mrs Nugent.Even in today's greatly changed urban landscape, the K ppersm hle in Duisburg is still a striking city landmark.The second type of rural landscape is the traditional mixed farm ... but mechanised and often enlarged.This splendid lithograph by Bourne gives one a vivid idea of the impact of the railway on urban landscapes.On the walls, now, hung simple rural landscapes.By the end of the seventeenth century the industrial landscape was much more evident.The cycle of death leads us on towards the urban landscape that follows.Yet even here the actual extent to which the rural landscape was altered is considerably less than we might suppose.
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landscapelandscape2 verb [transitive] DLGTBto make a park, garden etc look attractive and interesting by changing its design, and by planting trees and bushes etc The area around the mill pond has also been landscaped.Grammar Lanscape is often used in the passive.landscaping noun [uncountable]
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Examples from the Corpus
landscapeIt says its traffic surveys show the road can take extra vehicles and that the site would be tastefully landscaped.Nobody is denying that Mr Steward has attempted to landscape and improve aspects of his farm.A great deal of work was done at that time in enlarging and landscaping the park, creating lakes and the kitchen gardens.Among ideas being considered are landscaping, tree planting, screening of trackside eyesores and a big clean-up campaign.
Origin landscape1 (1500-1600) Dutch landschap, from land land + -schap -ship