landing craft

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landing craftˈlanding ˌcraft noun (plural landing craft) [countable] PMNa flat-bottomed boat that opens at one end so that soldiers and equipment can be moved directly onto the shore
Examples from the Corpus
landing craftOn Saturday morning, dozens of amphibious vehicles and air-cushion landing craft ferried men and tanks on to military-designated Red Beach.Thousands of starving reindeer, too weak to make the crossing, are being carried across in landing craft.These constraints put out of the question any prospect of training fully fledged navigators for the thousands of landing craft crews.The well decks are simply flooded and the landing craft are launched from the stern of the ship.Jitters had been wounded early, and washed back to the landing craft.Group 4 was a floating reserve lying offshore in their landing craft until required to reinforce one of the other Groups.