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lamblamb1 /læm/ ●●○ S3 noun 1 lamb.jpg [countable]HBA a young sheep2 [uncountable]DFF the meat of a young sheepmutton roast lamb a leg of lamblamb chop/cutlet/stew etc3 [countable] spokenLIKE somebody OR something used to talk to or talk about someone who is gentle and lovable, especially a child Ben’s asleep now, the little lamb.4 like a lamb to the slaughter5 like a lamb mutton dressed as lamb at mutton(2)
Examples from the Corpus
lamblamb stewIn spite of his bad temper, Norman can sometimes be a lamb.Classifications of sheep are lamb, yearling mutton, and mutton.There were 810 breeding ewes, ewe lambs, and rams on offer.Eild ewes are those which are not in lamb.The traditional filling is a spicy mixture of minced lamb or beef, tomato and onion.To decide to buy hamburger instead of sirloin steak, or leg of lamb, or shrimp is not easy either.Akiko, the minister cried, the sins of the body will be washed away by the blood of the lamb.lamb chop/cutlet/stew etcIt's easy to see the fat on a lamb chop - and easy to cut it off.Then I went up to the store and bought lamb chops for dinner.I cradled the bottom of the paper bag containing my lamb chops.I collapse over my lamb chops and have to be put to bed.There was a choice of vegetarian lasagne or lamb stew with baked potatoes, sweet corn and garlic bread.Apart from the inevitable sausages, there were numerous chicken pieces, lamb chops and cubed steak on skewers.Faith has asked for two high quality lamb chops and steak.Sometime between the lamb chops and the chocolate mousse, Maestro Domingo presented his illustrious cast.
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lamblamb2 verb [intransitive] TAto give birth to lambs The ewes are lambing this week.lambing noun [uncountable] the lambing season
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Examples from the Corpus
lambIn April, the demands on farm labour peaked with lambing often coinciding with other spring work.Many flocks were now lambing twice per year.lambing seasonOff-trail hiking and camping were restricted during the January-through-April lambing season.The walk should only be undertaken from June 1 until October 31 so that the vitally important calving and lambing seasons remain undisturbed.Spotlight on Fallbrook It's currently lambing season, which ends in May.
Origin lamb1 Old English